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In order to identify themselves, MAPs have created a MAP Flag, which garnered widespread social media attention in July and August 2018, along with widespread attention for the term "Minor Attracted Person". Rumors had spread on social media, that MAPs intended to use the flag at pride events, and these fears resurfaced the following summer.

The concept appears to go back at least to a 2009 competition, on (our predecessor) - in which various proposals were solicited for a symbol. As can be seen, the MAP gradient flag predecessor has a file date of 8 Jul, 2009, and had most probably been submitted through the website's forum (we will soon have private access to copies of this discussion). The concept laid dormant for many years, along with the rest of the Newgon website.


The origins of the 2018 flag are a Tumblr user named Stenna, who published it in June of that year, and was assisted by comrade_lecter (in what ways are so far unclear).[1][2] The graphic then went viral throughout social media, although after its removal by Tumblr, Stenna's page was then squatted by a hostile actor.[3] Tumblr trolls have subsequently been suggested by various "fact checkers" as the true source of the flag, although this is likely to have resulted from the confusion surrounding Tumblr's censorship attempt.

Since it was published, the MAP Flag has become internet folklore, attracting many variations inspired by common alternative pride flags. These have been wrongly interpreted as entryist attempts.

Erroneous claims of novelty and trolling by "fact checkers"

Mainstream "Fact Checkers" at have erroneously claimed that the MAP Flag concept "originated with a troll experiment on Tumblr", although this information is now considered to be outdated - and is likely to be revised. AFP Fact Check repeated those claims.[4][5] The reason behind these fact checker's dismissive bias and hasty research is clearly the (again, erroneous) fear that MAPs are attempting to rejoin the LGBTQ+ community after years of ostracism. The fact checkers are trying to disprove this already ludicrous thesis, to protect the LGBTQ+ movement. It has also been claimed that Minor Attracted People didn't coin their own term of identification, which as our research article demonstrates, is an ahistorical act of erasure which benefits the CSA insustry and medical lobby.