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Memes and graphics allow for visual impact and short-attention span messaging online. You may modify any of the following images with your own provocative messaging.

The MAP Flag

The MAP Flag was conceived in 2009 and developed into a working idea in 2018, gathering widespread social media attention after a campaign on Tumblr. We have made some minor modifications such as color harmonization, smaller white band and flipping the graphic for a more subliminal, naturalistic appeal. Simply flip the graphic back, and it becomes a NOMAP flag. As can be seen, most of these flags have anti-alias for on-screen aesthetic reasons.

MAP Flag keyphrase memes

The MAP Flag has already been used in campaigns that use a defensible message to deliberately troll opponents.

Pedophile Lives Matter was a highly successful and provocative Twitter campaign intended to inflame the left, as it invoked the Black Lives Matter campaign. #MAPsAreBased (deleted by Twitter as of 2021) was another successful meme, which attempted to enrage conservatives by presenting MAPs as compatible with traditionalism. Its creator made the following statements:

  • MAPs are obviously based. They support a return to pre-victorian Age of Consent laws, resisting the influence of the British, i.e. MAPs are pro-independence!
  • MAPs are promoting value-neutral, objectivist terms and just want to be left alone. They don't invent unicorn identities like the LGBT movement!
  • MAPs also support religious freedom and family privacy. #MAPsAreBased.

Traditional memes

Memes convey a short and impactful message in a graphic. Research excerpt graphics (which we will upload soon) are considered different from memes, but may be used alongside them.

Unironic or "boomer" memes

These are basic factoid or explainer graphics. They don't prioritize irony or humor.

Larger flyers and "leftist memes"

Flyers can be used online or printed out and displayed in public places. So-called "leftist memes" are basically graphics that go to great lengths to explain a topic, almost like a pamphlet.

Positive memories

Stories about positive memories from verified sources.

Nonwestern perspective

These are memes created from a non-Western view of sex/intimacy taboos.

Basic material


Our pamphlet, "Minor-Attracted People (MAPs), Just the facts", is intended to look like plain and dowdy propaganda (until you look inside). Previews and PDF available. You may have to experiment with "fitting to page width" or "scaling" to get the folds to go bang down the center, but we have done most of the work for you.

Download full PDF


We have a short guide on pamphleting, and some of our older material is still archived there. Hopefully, this will be an inspiration for future efforts or reworking of old material.

Old flyers

This contains some large link-only banners we can modify and upload again. It will soon be phased out.