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Memes and Graphics

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Memes and graphics allow for short and impactful graphic messaging. You may modify any of the following images with your own provocative messaging. All material reproduced here and the descriptions are experimental, presented for the purpose of discussion/deliberation and not endorsed by us. There is no editorial guidance for this section of the site. In addition to the informational memes on this page, research graphics can be found at this index, or on their respective research pages.

All memes have search tags, so please press control+F on your keyboard and type in a search term to find a meme that suits your purpose.

The MAP Flag

The concept underlying the MAP Flag was seen as early as 2009 and it resurfaced (or was spontaneously recoined) in 2018, gathering widespread social media attention after a campaign by NOMAPs on Tumblr. We have made some minor modifications such as color harmonization, smaller white band and flipping the graphic for a more subliminal, naturalistic appeal. Simply flip the graphic back, and it becomes a NOMAP flag. As can be seen, some of these flags have anti-alias for on-screen aesthetic reasons.


MAP Flag key phrase memes, variations and proposals

The MAP Flag has already been used in campaigns that use a defensible message to deliberately troll opponents. Other variations exist, although these are rarely adopted and often the subject of scare stories.

Simple/Traditional memes

Traditional memes convey a short and salient message in a graphic. Research graphics can be found at this index, or on their respective research pages.

Informational memes

Larger flyers

Logical Fallacies series

See our Debate Guide article on the subject.

Positive memories

Stories about positive memories from verified sources.

Anti-MAPs who were caught with their pants down

There exist numerous examples of stridently anti-pedophile men, who themselves ended up being exposed for their "pedophilic" and "hebephilic" inclinations. These are sometimes used in online banter, and by activists.

Anti memes

These memes have been produced by antis (usually on Twitter or Facebook). You can use these memes to take advantage of hate and anger - spreading awareness of MAPs. Setting up an account as a hostile anti might actually be a way of avoiding censorship on certain platforms. It also gives us control over how the debate is "framed".

Basic material


Our pamphlet, "Minor-Attracted People (MAPs), Just the facts", is intended to look like plain and dowdy propaganda (until you look inside). Previews and PDF available. You may have to experiment with "fitting to page width" or "scaling" to get the folds to go bang down the center, but we have done most of the work for you.

Download full PDF


We have a short guide on pamphleting, and some of our older material is still archived there. Hopefully, this will be an inspiration for future efforts, or reworking of old material.

Media flyers

These are small publications that can be emailed to target groups, such as media organizations, or sent to their social media accounts.