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A BLogo

The BLogo is a graphic symbol for boylove that is widely used across the online boylove community. It consists of two blue intertwined triangles, one outer that symbolises the man, and one inner that symbolises the boy in a boylove relationship. Due to its shape, it is occasionally described as a "spirangle".


The triangle theme originated with the inverted pink triangle that known homosexuals were forced to wear in Nazi concentration camps during Germany's Third Reich period. Gay communities have adopted the upside down pink triangle as a symbol of gay pride. The BLogo designers took that symbology a step further, inverting the triangle and changing the color to blue. The BLogo is designed to be an easily recognizable and reproducible logo for boylovers, while also being anonymous when the situation demands it. A large consideration in the design process was to make a symbol that could be easily drawn in the sand with a finger.


The BLogo was designed in February 1997 by Kalos in response to a online design contest sponsored by Tygyr, a teenage boylover whose Tygyrnet website was very popular at the time. Various triangle designs had been proposed but none became popular with the BL communities of the day. When Kalos submitted his design, it struck an instant chord and was adapted very quickly by Free Spirits and by many other on-line boylover organizations.

There is an interesting personal story behind the design: Kalos did not actually do the artwork for the BLogo. He facilitated the design with his life partner of more than 20 years. Kalos and his partner the artist have been together since Kalos' partner was just 14 years old.

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