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Contact-neutral (or neutral-contact, contact-agnostic or neutral-c) is a term used to describe a person - often a MAP or ally, as expressing no opinion on minor-adult physical/sexual relations. Those who are contact-neutral oppose being labeled as anti-c (anti-contact) or pro-c (pro-consent/choice/contact). There are many reasons one may identify as contact-neutral, such as not having developed a strong opinion, the refusal to participate in contact discourse, and/or wanting to remain apolitical.

Contact-neutral organizations

  • B4U-ACT - takes a neutral stance on contact discourse, preferring to focus on mental health and the stigma of minor-attraction.
  • Various community forums, chats and instances have resorted to banning both pro- and anti-c commentary to maintain decorum. However, these tend to lean anti-c both in their management and membership.

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