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Anti-contact (or simply "anti-c") is a term used to describe a person - often an MAP or ally, as favoring the ongoing prohibition of minor-adult physical/sexual relations. This stands in opposition to pro-c (pro-consent/choice/contact) beliefs, although in reality they exist on a sliding scale, with many underpinning themes such as intrinsic harm.

There are a range of anti-c positions:

  • Consequentialist anti-c (c-anti-c). In this instance, celibacy is called for in the present climate. Further, such an individual might maintain that:
    • They are not presently interested in age of consent reform. Supporters of very limited reforms sometimes also self-describe as anti-contact.
    • They oppose age of consent reform.
  • Outright-anti-c (o-anti-c). Holds that under no present or future circumstance, can any sexual contact between minors and adults be entertained. Usually, said person believes that such actions are ethically or morally wrong, in the absolute.

The 2016 research of Bailey would appear to suggest that anti-c beliefs are not related to lower levels of offending. This is most likely because some pro-c positions are relatively moderate and pro-celibacy, while overstated anti-c beliefs can arise as a result of poor self-control and moral guilt. Research might later be conducted to determine whether outright pro-c and outright anti-c beliefs are correlated with high frequency of adult-minor sexual contacts, whilst more moderate pro and anti-c positions are related to non-offending.

Contact-agnostic organizations

  • B4U-Act - is concerned with Mental Health rather than the views of MAPs.

Explicitly anti-contact organizations

  • Virtuous Pedophiles
  • Prostasia Foundation - Technically, this is a charity that provides services to MAPs and not a MAP organization.
  • Most SOL Reform organizations such as NARSOL are not seen as actual MAP organizations, and usually focus on registry reform and post-release restrictions.

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