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NOMAP (Non-Offending Minor Attracted Person) is a neologism used to define a certain type of Minor Attracted Person (MAP).[1] Those who use it, feel they must declare upfront - their refusal to engage in unlawful sex with a minor or use child pornography/other prohibited materials where they are illegal. The term is essentially used as a synonym for anti-contact (anti-c), even though research from Bailey (2016) appears to indicate that just as high a proportion of pro-c MAPs are non-offending. Many NOMAPs advocate the use of drawn erotica or sex-dolls, because they feel they may have to use them at some point. Prostasia Foundation are one charity who have published articles on this topic.

This term is thought[2] to have gained in popularity during 2018 alongside the term MAP, during the the social-media enabled MAP Flag controversy. NOMAP attracts media attention across the political spectrum, due to its "entryist" implications.[3][4][5]

"NOMAP" has been criticized by some (particularly first-wave and early second-wave) MAP activists and allies, who refuse to accept a burden of proof on their behavior and deem it to have orwellian, medico-legal overtones.[6][7][8]

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