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Example of goods for sale at MMS

MAP Merch Shop (MMS,, f. Mar, 2023) is a commercial MAP merchandise venture set up by Katie Cruz - a MAP Activist and graphical designer known for almost two decades in her community. The site markets a range of merchandise and clothing using the same affiliates and drop-shipping methods used by other retailers of bespoke goods.

At MAP Merch Shop, we understand the importance of expressing your identity and showing pride in who you are. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer a wide variety of high-quality products designed specifically for the MAP community.

Our collection includes a range of unique designs that allow MAPs to showcase their pride and share their identity with the world. From mugs featuring iconic MAP symbols to clothing with bold statements, we have something for everyone.[1]

Designs featured on the site include established MAP logos, such as the BLogo, GLogo and the more recent MAP Flag in a few of its variations. A Progress Pride Flag can also be found on the site, which markets itself as inclusive to Queer people.



Surprisingly, after many months of operation, the site has proved more controversial within the MAP community than outside of it. It has been argued that:

  • Bespoke goods can be ordered more affordably from independent retailers.
  • Customer details might be leaked accidentally or harvested by third parties (the owner introduced analogue ordering in response to these concerns). Crypto payments are only available with surcharge.
  • The site owner is seeking to profit from the venture.

The site owner has responded to these criticisms by pointing out that the chances of her ever turning a profit from this kind of venture are marginal, and that the project has novelty value as an openly MAP-owned venture and exercise of free-speech rights. She pledged any revenues exceeding her costs to her ongoing activism, and otherwise helping other MAPs and their organizations.

As of July, 2023, MMS has been mentioned on more than one Twitter thread, in what have generally been received as unsuccessful and unsophisticated attempts to scandalize the venture. We include some examples above.

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