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Ephebophilia is an erotic age preference (chronophilia) for later pubescent youth, usually between 15-19 years of age. It is often used to distinguish an attraction to teenagers from an attraction to prepubescent or early pubescent youth (described as pedophilia and hebephilia respectively). A person with such attractions is called an ephebophile. Researchers connected to CAMH tend to distinguish hebephilia ("preference for 11–14 year-olds") from ephebophilia ("preference for 15–19 year-olds").[1]


Some minor attracted people, sexologists, psychiatrists and psychologists question the conceptual validity of this category, arguing that for the majority of men, heterosexual ephebophilia might be normative. One of the most frequent criticisms of "ephebophilia", is the plausibility of yet another chronophilia category. In this case, the category orients itself roughly to the beginning of the final Tanner Stage (5), and then ends in a developmental "no man's land" at around age 18/19. It has thus been proposed that ephebophilia be merged into teleiophilia, as a special attraction to those who are sexually mature but with less legal rights, has no basis in nature.


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