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The mindset of an American Anti encapsulated in a Facebook Meme

Anti is a simple term used in marginalized communities (MAP, Proship, etc) to describe a person whose actions are motivated by hate towards the marginalized group. It has seen frequent use online, for example, since at least the mid-00s among MAPs, but was often a prefix of "BL", etc.[1]

Political stances

Antis have been observed to come from a range of political backgrounds. While generalized grooming and safeguarding paranoia is largely a project of North American conservatives and radical feminists, dedicated antis have also been observed in adjacent movements, such as the LGBT community. Very often, shared pedophobic hatred is the uniting force between people of different political persuasions, and it has thus been described as a "bipartisan" issue at both the grassroots and legislative level.

Political/Religious trends have been seen among particular groups of antis, for example, American Dominionism in mid-00s vigilantes and Mormonism in the case of Operation Underground Railroad. British "Nonce Hunting" groups have tended to be associated with far-right politics, while Thomas Hubbard was attacked by hardline communists.


As in the case of proship, "anti-anti" is another identity for individuals who take up the task of attacking and discrediting antis. These may in some instances, be "reformed" antis themselves.

Famous "self-owns"

Owing to the popularity of pedophobia, anti-MAP sentiments, and some degree of psychological reaction formation, there exist numerous examples of stridently anti-pedophile men, who themselves ended up being exposed for their pedophilic and hebephilic inclinations. These are sometimes used in online banter, and by activists.

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