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"Pedophile Activism" hoaxes

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The hilarious AboveTheHate/Heart Progress right-wing false flag

Due to the highly speculative and paranoid culture of anti-pedophile posturing, it is perhaps unsurprising that a number of hoax pedophilia organizations have been put forward by scaremongers and trolls. While it is true that some activism took place under the pedophile banner in the 1970s and 80s, this was during a period where there existed far less of a stigma on the term. While the term "pedophile" was used, most of the members of such organizations were technically hebephiles - as in the case of NAMBLA.

"Pedophile Activist" hoax groups range from failed ideas and folded websites, rejected proposals, to utter contrivances from boards such as 4Chan. Nevertheless, they have been described as "A Few Of The More Notorious And Better-Known Boy-Love/Girl-Love Or Paedophile Associations And Organisation Web Sites" (naffoundation.org).[1] Oftentimes, these hoaxes are based on a grain of truth, and are perpetuated by right-wing organizations/trolls who are attempting to "own the libs" by promoting the idea that the LGBT community are seeking to realign with MAPs after the events of the 1990s.


LGBTP, also known as HeartProgress or LoveIsAgeless, is a fake outrage campaign manufactured by 4chan's /pol/. The campaign added "P" (to represent "pedosexuals") to the LGBT abbreviation (not be confused with "LGBTP" to include pansexuals). Characteristically, Snopes.com have used this example to promote their own misinformation about the LGBT movement, claiming, hilariously that "[never] has any LGBT group condoned pedophilia".[2][3]

Fake demonstrations

The alt-right has also framed student protesters as "pedophiles", convincing even Donald Trump Jr. of the hoax's veracity. Mike Cernovich, an alt-right personality, arrived at Columbia University in October 2017, to give a speech to the school’s College Republicans club. But when students protested outside the event, trolls posed in front of them with a banner promoting NAMBLA. Cernovich and other alt-right figures quickly copied a journalist’s picture of the sign and tweeted it as evidence.[4]

Gallery of modern hoaxes

These more obvious hoaxes are to be distinguished from present manifestations of the MAP Movement that use baiting and psychological tactics to incite online controversies. At that point, accounts then attempt to engage responders with good-faith information campaigns, including peer-reviewed literature. One such baiting strategy appears to involve proposing that MAPs rejoin with the LGBT community (or chastising the LGBT community for their lack of tolerance). An example of this strategy, was the Twitter account "Andy Parkinson" - a fictitious British TV "agony uncle" who expressed his support of James Cantor - a Canadian Psychologist who famously advocates that pedophiles should be included under the LGBT+ umbrella on principled grounds.[5]

Wiki-based misinformation

The proliferation of Wiki-based information has contributed somewhat to pedophile activism hoaxes. In some cases, this has been well-intentioned, and in others, politically-motivated.


Wikipedia has at points carried an article with glaringly neologistic names such as "Pro-pedophile activism", "Childlove movement" and "Pedophile movement" - supposedly in a vain attempt to distance historic manifestations of the MAP Movement from their LGBT former allies. This article got bogged down with misinformation and was eventually deleted after steady erosion of information following the pedo-wars. Indeed, by Wikipedia's own definition of pedophilia, most of the organizations they list, or listed, drew mainly from a hebephile membership base.


RationalWiki has made a mainly good-faith but autistic attempt at documenting "online pedophile activism". They came unstuck on outdated, superfluous and unverified information, resulting in a disjointed, piecemeal effort. For example, their list mentions our Debate Guide, but excludes names such as Newgon and B4U-Act, which one supposes they would wish to include by their very broad standards. In late 2021, the RW article still expressed a fundamentally irrational approach to distinguishing pedophilia from other chronophilias.[6]

Hoax organizations

Pedophile activism hoaxes are not exclusive to the social media era.

Modern, second-wave fakes

  • Heart Progress, AboveTheHate and LGBTP (examples above) - Right-wing professional troll ops on social media, intended to embarass mainstream progressives.
  • Clovergender - a fake "xenogender" used by 4Chan trolls to "legitimize pedophilia" as "children stuck in adult bodies".[7]
  • Pedophile Associates of America.[8] This was a tax-exempt charity set up by what appears to be a mentally disturbed individual/sex offender who was later convicted for extreme pornography. It was unheard of, and carried out no day-to-day activities associated with the MAP Movement.
  • Indian National Man Boy Congress Party (1985-2008) - A hoax that originated on Wikipedia, in a now deleted article. Now said by various Wikis to have run its own magazine, the "Herald". No record of this organization exists, and no cited references mention it.

Disputed, first-wave fakes

These are disputed examples from the first-wave (LGBT-aligned) MAP Movement. If they did exist, membership would have most likely been minimal and short-lived.

  • Rene Guyon Society - there is some debate concerning the reliability of this organisation's membership figures. In reality, the René Guyon Society was a one-man operation (Tim O'Hara) blown to mythical proportions by right-wing scaremongers.
  • Lafayette Society - a bizarre idea. The organization is said to have included a regression to the dress and mannerisms of historical aristocracy, provision of an environment in which children could engage in sex with adults, and use of glass instruments that reduce the girth of a grown man's phallus for the penetration of an infant.

First-wave fakes[1]

  • Paedophile Liberation Army - At no point in history have a group of pedophiles formed a military organisation. The concept has been suggested by an outspoken webmaster calling himself Ronald McDonald.
  • Children's Liberation Railway - May have been a concept of BLAZE.
  • The Outcasts - Gayle Rubin's group had nothing to do with pedophilia.
  • Chocolate Star Fishermen
  • Eulenspiegel Society
  • Kids Liberation Front
  • Kimeta Society
  • Mancunians
  • Oedipus Boys
  • Orchid Club
  • PapaBears
  • Queerlanders
  • SIN - Sexual Inequality Networkers.
  • Streetkids Club
  • The Bunnymen
  • The Choirboys
  • The Circle of Friends
  • The Freemen - This seems like a reference to Frank Herbert's Dune.
  • The Love Brothers
  • The Moonlighters
  • The Peacock Club
  • The Society of Janus
  • The Tail Enders
  • The Uranians
  • UPIE (United Paedophile Information Exchange)
  • Wizards Lair
  • Wonderland Club

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