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Youthlove or youthlover (YL), is a somewhat popular, neologistic term of self-identification used by Minor Attracted People.

It is intended to be a gender-neutral alternative to both boylove and girllove, while not using legal categories such as minority, adulthood or childhood as points of reference.

As "YL", the initialism can have a double meaning, as in "Youth and (their) Lovers" - encompassing two politically targeted groups, regardless of orientation.

Anti-assimilationist foundation

The YL concept is an attempt to broaden previous attempts at classification such as CL and pedosexual, which were both deemed problematic because most of the MAPs identifying as such were not preferential pedophiles. The aim, is therefore, not to exclude those with a pedophilic AoA, but to include them under a more representative, gender-neutral umbrella.