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Homosexuality refers to any erotic attraction towards the same sex, whether expressed or not. Gay boylovers and Lesbian girllovers can be counted among the group known as homosexuals, if they express a preference towards members of the same sex.

Minor attracted people are generally excluded from discussions of homosexualities.


"Gay" is a term now used to describe roughly same-age attracted homosexual men. Gay is also used in reference to cultural identities and political movements which have now diverged from the radicalism of queer and pederastic politics. Today, gays and most of the modern LGBT movement are generally associated with moderate liberal attempts to assimilate with mainstream society and enhance their status as a socially acceptable minority, for example, the modern LGBTQ+ lobby has even attempted to criminalize as hate speech, comparisons with pedophilia in the UK.

"The Gay Myth"

Central to the mainstreaming/assimilation attempts of modern gay activists is the denial, if not outright revision of their movement's former manifestations against the age of consent.

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