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Historical analogies for MAPs and allies

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There are numerous analogies to present day reality that may be of relevance to MAPs and allies. Using these parallels considerately in a debate can be turned to your advantage.

  • Witch hunting. The literature, suspicion, and show trials surrounding witch hunts were all very similar to the process of obtaining legal closure for unlawful sex with minors. Guilt is assumed from the beginning, hearsay is enough to convict, and reasoned explanations are ignored.
  • Homosexuality. Both are seen as aberrant as opposed to adaptive, owing to an oversimplification of evolutionary theory and hangover from religious assumptions about wasteful indulgence. Both have been described as unnatural and treated with behavioral and aversion therapies. Crude experimental sciences such as phallometry are deployed, once the deviant has entered the criminal system. Both of these tendencies have at points been presented as predatory and corrupting, with little analysis of motives or objective reality. Homosexuality was first presented by scientists as gender "inversion", while Pedosexuality is still often presented as chronological inversion/regression.
  • Onanism/Masturbation: Masturbation dogma is similar to CSA, since masturbation was defined as self-abuse and led to shame and aversion in children. Both are moral hysterias (CSA as a concept starting in the 70s with moral entrepreneurs and Feminist theory) that developed into scientific discourse. Present academics have compared the previous pathologisation of self-gratifying sexual behavior in children with conceptions of present day "sexualised" children who court "bad touch" - even seeking pleasure with other childen or adults.

A Holocaust comparison can be dismissed at this point, however MAPs and adjacent academics often live like pre-holocaust middle-class Jews in Germany - i.e. second-class citizens who must hide their identity and might be targeted/raided at any time. A genuine holocaust is an obvious aspiration of some vigilantes and extremists.

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