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Pedophobic NGO vigilance campaign in the Philippines, 1984

In the context of MAPs, pedophobia is an abnormal and irrational fear of all things related to "pedophilia" (using the broadest possible definition). Since this fear is a social phenomenon, the target is very broad - including irrational disapproval towards representations of teenage bodies, censorship, and antagonism towards acceptance of prevention-oriented mental health and fellowship programs for MAPs. Within a social media context, pedophobia manifests itself as a mental block, where the participant openly states that no amount of evidence will be able to convince them that attraction to minors can be acceptable.

Institutional Pedophobia

Pedophobia, and its counterpart ageism, can be seen most notably at the institutional level - in the form of consent and child pornography laws. One example of almost ritualistic pedophobic "purgation" was the congressional condemnation of the Rind et al paper - a work that at no point mentioned the word "pedophile".


See also: Special Article: Adverse effects of hysteria.
  • The glorification of child-hating. This is because the hatred of children might be seen as excusing a person from being labeled a pedophile, particularly in situations where children are exposed to that person. Both Richard Griffiths and Jimmy Savile are known to have resorted to ritualistic expressions of child hating.
  • Minors may in some jurisdictions be persecuted for sex acts with other minors, or put into therapy against their will. We have seen examples of aversion therapy and penile plethysmography being used on boys.
  • Minors might become anxious about their own attraction to other minors, believing this to be abnormal.
  • Minors are never complimented on their appearance, due to social taboos. This may result in poor self-esteem, depression, self-harm and eventually the irrational hatred of MAPs, since they believe minors are meant to be unattractive. This is exacerbated when the adult is harboring hebephilic tendencies themselves.
  • In turn, the stunted and repressed adult deprives the next generation of affection, and the cycle continues.
  • Unlike in the previous generation, transgenerational transmission is made difficult; the young miss mentoring opportunities and life skills that might benefit them in the future.
  • We see an increase in involuntary-celibate (incel) males who have internalized sexual neuroses in their childhood, and end up emotionally stunted. Counterintuitively, this contributes to the breakdown of traditional values, family structure and causes demographic decline.
  • The young are deprived of sexual pleasures during the time of their life where they are most receptive to it - their teen years. Those who are lucky enough to experience sexual pleasure are limited to inexperienced peers who are often unlearned like them, resulting in sometimes awkward and disappointing experiences.


A stereotypical "Pedovan"

There are many pedophobic stereotypes, and their nature may vary according to locality. Often, pedophiles are imagined as basement dwellers, probably IQ <90, overweight or gaunt and rat-like with prescription-type spectacles. They hide behind a computer screen, using crude techniques to entrap the vulnerable.


The infamous stereotype of a pedophile, with his trenchcoat, sweets in pockets, lurking around bushes in parks/near playgrounds or in a car waiting to lure some child off to kidnap, rape and then murder is one example of pedophobia, generally propagated by the gutter-press.

Brass Eye's (British comedy series) 2001 special edition, casually referred to as Paedogeddon, was a spoof-documentary scripted and in part performed by the reclusive comedian Chris Morris, airing on the UK's Channel 4, that exposed the pedophobic cultural/media trends prevalent at that time. The program was itself attacked in the press, fulfilling the prophecies of the scriptwriter.


An extension of the trenchcoat stereotype has been the Pedovan - a popular meme. This is usually a battered Ford Aerostar or similar standard wheelbase commercial, with the words "free candy" scrawled on the side. The interior of the pedovan is a child-pornography studio lined with shagpile carpet, and has a tardis-like quality. The pedovan is used more often to mock the common cliches surrounding child abduction, than as an attack on pedophiles.

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