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The "MAPocalypse" or in layman's terms, the normalization of pedophilia refers to a predicted rapid series of events bringing about critical mass for the acceptance of minor attracted people as a "valid" identity. Various prophecies have been made since roughly the 1990s - usually starting off among "moral majority" conservatives, sometimes infecting liberal-progressive and professional circles in the form of paranoia concerning supposed MAP > LGBT entryism, "pedophilia advocacy" in the sciences, and other strategies. These prophecies follow the pattern of long-standing fears centering on the "recruitment" of youths within the early Gay Movement.

The most commonly suggested time for this event is the 2020s, 2030s and following decades, in which MAPs are projected to become more visible in the mainstream media/public conscience, becoming a contentious topic in and of their own right. In some countries, parliamentarians occasionally support the right of minors to consent to sex, and to refuse it.[1] Brazil and Peru are two South American countries in which there has been a largely unbroken general trend towards reducing the Age of Consent.

Predictions past and present

As the LGBT movement gained ground in the post-AIDS assimilationist struggles of the 80s and 90s, the right's focus moved away from recruitment of youth among the gay movement, to the threat of "pedophilia" - a "new evil" or "folk devil". This later infected the mainstream, as memories of LGBT activism's history with MAPs faded:

  • 1970s-90s: Various predictions from moral entrepreneurs such as Judith Reisman concerning the aims of the Kinsey Foundation. "As early as 1977, author Judith A. Reisman says she learned of the existence of an "international academic pedophile movement" influenced by Kinsey's teachings.[2]
  • 1995: ""I started saying seven years ago [in 1995] that there was a movement to make pedophilia an alternative lifestyle, and my colleagues looked at me like I was crazy," said Mrs. Reeves, who founded MASA after discovering that a relative had been sexually abused. "Here we are seven years later and that is exactly what's happening.""[2]
  • 2002: "Some people view children as the next sexual frontier" (Stephanie Dallam, quoted in Washington Times[3])
  • 2011: "Normalizing the "last taboo" Pedophilia - sex between adults and children - is the goal of a conference in Baltimore" (Beliefnet[4])
  • 2015/6: "What’s going to happen with that is that ultimately things like bestiality is going to be approved and especially pedophilia,” [...] “Because like I said, how the progressives are attacking these issues in multiple ways. I really predict that in the next few years even pedophilia is going to be more and more accepted because two things are happening. One, we are saying any sexual urge is valid. So pedophilia, why is that any different than any other form of love? Love is love, right?" (Jenna Ellis - Conservative Policy figurehead[5])
  • 2019: "Pedophilia: The Next Frontier for Leftist Acceptance Ideology" (American Spectator[6])
  • 2020: "Q-Anon and other Trump-aligned movements serve as a perfect foil to begin turning universal moral opposition to abusing kids into another controlled culture war conflict the right is bound to lose." (National Justice - anti-Jewish publisher[7])

Among MAPs

Predictions of significant social change have ranged from 5-50 years or so[8]. However, it is generally agreed that a couple of trends suggest a "fourth moral panic" concerning "normalization of pedophilia" may be about to take place.

1. The tone of mainstream media, particularly conservative fringe mainstream media.

The tone of conservative-identifying media is an important barometer, given that “liberal-progressive” corporations such as Google are arbiters of what is deemed to be acceptable conservatism. This control is exerted via algorithm changes and YouTube censorship for example. In gauging the tone of outlets such Glenn Beck’s YouTube-dependent TheBlaze network, we can see what Google deems to be the last bastion of acceptable conservatism in the Post-Trump era. In this case, when Beck’s (mainly very young) acolytes cover the familiar topic of trans children, minors' exposure to sexual content, MAPs, or any form of “degeneracy”, the tone tends to be either laughter, mocking or disbelief as opposed to the sharp moral/religious condemnation typical of the old "moral majority". This might indicate an openness in Silicon Valley towards the idea of immersing wider culture in sexual taboo topics. The result of this would be general desensitisation towards gay and trans politics, clearing the ground for MAPs to be used as the next contentious pawns in a binary culture war. The perpetuation of culture wars to divide and distract, is a tried and tested long-term strategy of establishments engaged in financial malpractice and corruption. Potential scandals such as the deliberate pursuit of inflationary policies, have the potential to unite both sides of the political spectrum against power elites, and thus need to be shut down with distractions.

2. MAPs having some success in the “battle to prevent the battle”.

By percolating into mainstream and social media, the politics and terminology of MAPs set forth in the mid-late 00s, appears to have achieved basic visibility in the late 10s and onward. Panic is visible inside the LGBTQ+ community, who are frantically informing one another not to engage with MAPs lest they attempt to become part of their wider umbrella group again. MAP terminology is now widely visible in academia, and established culture war hobbyhorses such as the trans issue are starting to look tired, or are otherwise stimulating hot button MAP/Youth-Rights-adjacent themes such as a child’s right to choose hormone blockers or gender transition surgery. At the same time, alternative-right trolls are pointing to the MAP topic as proof of moral relativism’s inevitable conclusion, and liberalism’s “next frontier”. Various alternative-right social media trolls have successfully adopted the strategy of goading liberals and SJWs to accept MAPs as the next persecuted minority – asserting that it would only be consistent with their long-held principles. We have observed in-situ, some alternative-right trolls who are more thoroughly MAP-literate than some MAPs themselves!

The coming years

So, in summary, the concept of a MAPocalypse is in effect a prediction of the same kind of discursive shift/visibility that took place around homosexuality in the postwar period. One possible implication of this theory, is that any publicity raising the awareness of MAPs (good or bad), might have a positive effect by accelerating this discursive breakout. For example, MAPs might benefit from posing as concerned citizens, distributing hysterical and implausible black propaganda leaflets and internet memes warning of MAP attempts to legitimize “child rape”. Similarly, they might benefit from having moles within the LGBTQ+ movement itself, circulating pro-MAP information from a purportedly pro-LGBTQ+ perspective, or simply asking peers for opinions on MAPs.

Alternative names

  • P(a)edogeddon (probably coined in 2001 by the British satirist, Christopher Morris[9]).