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As well as producing our own pamphlets, which we invite you to download and distribute in your (maybe not so) local community, we also host other such materials.

Distribution methods

  • Toilet Cubicle (in toilet roll?)
  • Locker
  • Phonebox
  • Elevator
  • Public Transport
  • Via mail to influential people/newspapers
  • As part of a junk-mail campaign (the claim is that you are being paid)
  • The school car park
  • Universities: Union, Queer, Child, Political & Women's interest
  • Library/Other info centre: Cover stack with dummy leaflet
  • Library: fold into books (possibly child protection books)
  • Town centers and shopfronts at night
  • Contact a news agency posing as a concerned reader
  • Holidays: Coming Out Day, IBLD, Alice Day


  • Don't post locally. Go to the next town or factor in some time next time you travel
  • "Newskin" or gloves are ideas if you are paranoid about fingerprints on paper
  • Make sure that any laser printer you used was not paid for by credit card, as each one prints a small, unique code. Buy with cash from a pawn shop.