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Pro-recovery describes a position adjacent to, and occasionally within MAP, Ζoo and paraphilia communities that is purportedly tolerant of sexually non-normative individuals on the condition that they work with others in an attempt to "correct" or "get over" their "disorders". "Help" is generally seen as exercising a "choice", as in the ex-gay movement, and may also be interpreted as seeking a clinical referral. Seeking help may also involve associating online with unqualified, pro-recovery individuals, some of whom are known to be antis, and fanpol who are themselves potentially unstable and engaged in doxxing MAPs. Pro-recovery ideology is therefore a controversial concept, not only because of comparisons with conversion therapy, but because pro-recovery spaces are widely considered to pose an actual threat to the security of MAPs, even within anti-contact communities.

Pro-recovery antis might come from a variety of political backgrounds, but unlike outright antis, tend towards the left-liberal end of the spectrum - associating on websites such as Tumblr and Twitter - showing support for trans, A-spec, Pro-fiction (occasionally), etc. A 2018 piece in Vice quoted an individual whose views are pro-recovery:

"Reblog this If you hate MAPs but you’re pro recovery for ‘MAP’ minors,” reads one post from an anti-MAP account, “and hope they get the help they need and separate themselves from these pedophiles who have convinced them they have no choice."[1]

Recovery from psychological distress?

Some terminally-online individuals have correctly identified that sociogenic distress, linked to nonstandard sexual traits (i.e. pedophilia) is considered necessary to establishing a paraphilic disorder. They have subsequently attempted to troll pro-recovery discourse by claiming that social destigmatization of those interests is their primary method of achieving full "recovery" from the "disorder".