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Original 2007 Logo
Newgon ( is a website/non-membership activist organization set up as by Daniel Lievre and Jillium on Jun 8, 2007 - after Google's censorship campaign against a number of MAP blogging sites. The organization produces concise information resources relating to MAPs and unlawful sex between minors and adults, for the use of online guerilla activists and trolls. It has also run forums for general discussion of said topics and organization of these activities.

The website has also hosted a weblog and the informational wiki you are currently reading. Newgon is maintained by the Support Team. In its present form, Newgon is archive-heavy, with less-frequently updated Encyclopedia content. Blogging and webmag content has been archived and a forum will return in 2021 or early 2022, with the aim of organizing MAP activism using the Wiki projects as base material.

Newgon is notable for being the first website to host an article defining a Minor Attracted Person. As detailed in the article, Newgon's cofounder, Daniel Lievre and supporting contributor, BLueRibbon were the first authors to regularly use the term, on a now defunct blog known as ANU/ATC ( in early 2007. The term was subsequently adopted by B4U-Act (who were already using the similar term "Minor Attracted Adult"), and various mental health professionals/academics, entering the public lexicon in 2018. Newgon is also the birthplace of the MAP Flag concept, with the current flag's predecessor being submitted to a seemingly incomplete 2009 competition for a united symbol.


Lievre, a homosexual ephebophile, states that in 2005, his interest was piqued by a mention of NAMBLA on an old-fashioned, now defunct website featuring comment threads on shocking and bizarre content. He found out about Martijn after some research and volunteered to proof-read a couple of their English articles. He then set about perfecting his debating abilities in multiple explosive threads on a forum which we are almost certain was the IIDB (Internet Infidels Discussion Board). This inspired him to set up a Debate Guide on Google's free hosting service, with a collaborator from the Netherlands. To make his writings more accessible, he then set up the now de-archived and another blog that riduculed "anti pedophile" warriors. After just a few months, this blog was removed in a general purge of 30-50 similar blogs after mass reporting campaigns. His google pages were then removed as well, although he did have some success address squatting for others who lost their blogs.

After a few dead-ends, Lievre was directed towards, a paid host that (at the time) was only concerned with the legality of its content. Using this service, and the help of another web administrator, Jillium, he rehosted his Debate Guide, which was soon to be followed by a blog, wiki and forum.

After ceasing blogging activity, NewgonWiki then hosted a Webmagazine, which provided a digest of news articles, activist updates, academia, as well as editorials. Organisations such as Absolute Zero and SOSEN were frequently ridiculed. This ran for over a year, as the general projects expanded. However, from around 2010, the project seemed to go into decline, with forum outages, administrative departures and lower participation in core projects. In 2013, posted a warning that they would terminate site services due to the politically sensitive nature of the content, but a new host and administrator could not be found at the time. This resulted in going offline for a while, but the site was re-hosted by an anonymous person in late 2013, after which it was shuttered due to lack of activity and archived at by mid 2014.

In 2021, previous associates of and its network of activists launched a plan to rebrand and open the forums, with a start date of late 2021 or early 2022.


From what little information we have, there seems to have been a few individuals who frequently volunteered for Newgon in the early years. They were all linked to the early MAP blog ANU/ATC, thus playing an important role in coining and popularizing the MAP neologism:

Daniel Lievre

He is enigmatic and hard to research, because he often used pseudonyms to mock his trolls, or female pseudonyms to extract information - for example, from Wikipedia Admins. According to his written profiles, he was in his early 20s, and a University Student from Plymouth, in the UK. We know he was preoccupied with community-building and site moderation, and tended to be a forward-thinking activist and troll who created multiple identities on news sites, Wikipedia and various online fora. He was an occasional BoyChat poster.


Jillium was another young activist, who started at around 17 years of age. His location was unknown, and he tended to be very quiet on forums, preferring to compile large anthology lists for the Wiki. He was known as a competent web admin. Jillium also posted on GL forums and was a very effective Wikipedia activist, with a deep knowledge of the MediaWiki software and interface.


Another blogger (ANU founder) in his late teens - he was non-affiliated, but submitted a lot of information to our legal sections. Also known as a BoyChat poster, he was known to be active in the wave of Wikipedia MAP activism some of our current contributors took part in.

Youth partnership

Newgon integrates it's support for MAP Activism with a pro-Youth Rights agenda. The website makes repeated references to adults' testimonies of sexual relationships in their youth.

Official statement

Newgon sometimes hosts public forum discussions involving minors, some of whom are self-identified as themselves being sexually attracted to other minors. A minor's right to free participation is derived from international convention and other human rights agreements. We do not host any "adult" materials on our server, or permit its sharing.


The website is now officially registered to a member of a small group that is concerned with freedom of expression on the internet. The registration is masked by a proxy service to reduce the risk of harassment.


Pre-2014 Archiving

  • In an article that quoted the producer of Law and Order: SVU, the gay news site claimed that a "pedophile rights group" in the TV drama was based on Newgon.[1]
  • Newgon was mentioned in the article "Creepedia" by American Greatness[2] and in an edition of MalcolmOutLoud.
  • The site was a favorite with Google Groups polemicists and has been criticised repeatedly on Wikipedia. It has in the past been listed on the Hidden Wiki (onion site).

Post 2021 Reopening

  • Materials produced by the site have been shared by some alternative right trolls in an effort to sow confusion and division among their opponents. This is a developing trend at this point.