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There have been various attempts by MAPs, at producing podcasts and radio - some successful, and most now inactive. Pedologues is one well-known example of a podcast from the early days of the modern, online MAP Movement. Surprisingly, boylovers have been responsible for at least 5 online radio stations.


A MAPs Journey

Multi-season podcast.[1]


MAPs In Real Life (often stylized as MAPs irl) is a podcast hosted by Murr, Finlay, and Peace. It was started in 2018, shortly after they met at the B4U-ACT Symposium. They tackle subjects such as Child Pornography Laws, MAPs relation to the LGBTQ community, as well as interviews with MAPs from all walks of life. The podcast went on hiatus at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. It is unknown if or when the podcast will resume.

MAP The World

MAP The World is a discontinued podcast that offers interviews with MAPs and often tackles subjects like ideology, MAP hysteria, and the penal system. Sadly, one of the producers is no longer with us, and it will therefore not return in its previous form. It was associated with the FreeSpeechTube platform.

The Juicebox

A defunct podcast hosted by Cartographer and Mordor.

The Prevention Podcast

"The Prevention Podcast is dedicated to addressing controversial topics related to sexual violence prevention, education, and outreach." Started in January of 2018 and sporadically produces episodes, with the latest episode debuting in September of 2021.


Pedologues was a mid-late 00s podcast (Sep 2005 - Sep 2006) focused on issues surrounding inter-generational relationships, pedophilia, child sexuality, culture, society's views on these issues, law, and everyday life. The show, hosted by Rookiee, also a blogger, accepted e-mail responses in both written and audio formats.



AliceFM is a girl-love oriented online radio station produced by Visions of Alice. Most of the day consists of an automated playlist by AliceBot that includes classic hits with a healthy dose of GL Anthems. Certain Members of VoA are regularly scheduled as DJs. AliceFM also replays The Prevention Podcast.

World Unity Radio Network

WURN, formally called KBLR-Radio (first active in the mid-10s, it appears) is an Internet radio station with the purpose of appealing to the boylovers around the world. While there are no active shows, an auto DJ runs and allows users to submit requests.[2]


WIRED-PM Radio was started in early October, 2015, as WEIRD Radio, and provides streaming music and live broadcasts. It was created by (the late) Kermie, the founder of an Internet forum called Enchanted Island, and Ethos - an online BL Magazine.[3]

Sure Quality Radio

Sure Quality Internet Radio (SQR) was an online radio station that served the boylove community. Started in March 2001 by owner Jeffrey Gold, it broadcast nearly continuously until its demise in August 2006. Its slogan was "YOUR Boylove PRIDE Station!"

Boy Talk Radio

A 00s BL radio station featuring various figureheads in the BL community, including, it appears, Jon Schillaci (Dylan Thomas).[4]

BoyLove Radio

Another 00s station. May have been short-lived.[5]

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