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This is a list, in drafting, of high-profile people in postindustrial society:

  • Indicated as being Minor-attracted by the mainly western media and public controversy.
  • Or otherwise involved in socially "inappropriate" controversies with minors.

Individuals are listed here on the basis of both speculation and confirmed facts.

Financial Elites and Royalty

  • Prince Andrew (Duke of York) - High ranking British Royal accused of conducting a relationship with a 16-year old girl. In early May 2023, the United Kingdom Royal Family member Andrew, aged 63, was also made the subject of renewed national media attention, with multiple hostile dramatic documentaries shown on national television in the lead up to his older brother King Charles III's coronation. He remains vilified for accusations he denies, as well as his refusal to disavow his ever having met the now deceased Jeffrey Epstein.
  • Jeffrey Epstein, and by extension friends and visitors such as Prince Andrew and others featured on this list.

Intellectual Elites and Thought Leaders

  • Noam Chomsky by association with Epstein above. By late April/early May 2023, the The Wall Street Journal reported that renown Anarchist/left-wing academic had, among many others, appeared on Epstein's personal calendar and met him multiple times after he was convicted and served a prison sentence for sex crime. Chomsky became the subject of large amounts of online and international media which, as detailed further in our page on Chomsky, discussed the revelation and Chomsky's comments in response.
  • Michel Foucault - Among a group of French gay intellectuals who supported age of consent reforms in the 70s. Among these, he has undoubted star quality, is still an icon among the intelligentsia, and widely rumored to have engaged in a variety of sexual transgressions including sex with pubescent boys.
  • Oscar Wilde - his celebrity both now and in his own day goes well-beyond his unusual status as a historical pederast and gay hero.
  • Hajo Ortil - Leader of adolescent Naturist groups still widely revered in German society, after openly disclosing his pederasty.
  • Germaine Greer, having written controversially on the aesthetic appreciation of adolescent boys.

Politics and Media

Carl Benjamin inspired this fake campaign poster, in his doomed election bid.
  • Various attacks against US President Joe Biden often referring to his intimate behavior around small children, including "sniffing") have been addressed by the mainstream media and rejected/found to be unproven by fact checkers. These include unproven allegations about the behavior of Joe Biden towards his daughter, Ashley when she was a minor - a diary allegedly noted “showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)”.[1][2][3]
  • In 2023, controversy arose around Hissam Hussein Dehaini, the Mayor of Araucaria, Brazil, aged 65, and a 16-year-old Teen beauty queen Kauane Rode Camargo, who proudly shared photos of their marriage online. As discussed in our page on the bride, the couple have responded to negative media attention by defending their relationship.
  • Edward Heath - UK PM 1970-74. Allegations could not be proven.
  • Carl Benjamin - Owing to comments he made about young people and sexual consent.[4]

Entertainment Industry

  • Roman Polanski and the massive controversy surrounding his sexual contact with Samantha Geimer (13). Famous public intellectual Gore Vidal said, "I really don't give a fuck. Look, am I going to sit and weep every time a young hooker feels as though she's been taken advantage of?"[5]
  • Bill Cosby and his historical abuse allegations.
  • Woody Allen, in part by association with Epstein, and other historical relationships.
  • Johnny Kitagawa - Boy band mogul from Japan, said to have fellated many boys under his tutelage. Now subject to revisionist history by the BBC.[6] Since then, there have been attempts at nuanced reflection on his struggles, but his status as an abuser has not been questioned, as sadly, Japan is moving the way of American moral norms.[7]
  • Michael Jackson - All time great pop icon, believed by most people with the exclusion of a small number of superfans to be pedophilic. Thomas O'Carroll produced a well-researched book on him, and one of our contributors wrote an essay in 2023.
  • American footballer, Tom Brady has been "called out" on more than one occasion, for "inappropriate" photographs and "acts" with his sons. This was, however put down to a misunderstanding on both occasions.[8]
  • Michael Ian Black, following old tweets.[9]

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