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Some links that will help develop the Research section, or aid readers.

  • NARSOL and FAC - Deep archives/lists by SOL Reform orgs.
  • Ipce - Huge database - lets do a bit of trawling 2010-2021. Strategist and present users have done some updates, but not gone thru Ipce as of Oct 21.
  • MHAMic - Not whole articles, but very well assimilated.
  • GL Garden - Some citations, can be a bit nonspecific, but plenty.
  • GUS - The freely available cross-cultural text.

Some half decent summaries:

  • PRD - Reads like a scholarly "Debate Guide".

Countering bad research:

Information Freedom Companions:

Sites that make information widely available, otherwise known as shadow libraries. We are NOT affiliated with these organizations and not responsible for their activities, be they legally vetted or otherwise.

These sites have multiple aliases, operating under roughly the same names. Coverage may vary. Other such sites exist, these are just the more commonly used ones.[1]

  • Sci-Hub - Most academic papers, some books (requires exact title or DOI).