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Obfuscation and abuse of language is frequently used by governments and supporters of the carceral agenda on "sexual offending". This sometimes represents an attempt to re-draw moral and ethical boundaries, but broadly functions to silence dissenters and hide gross abuses of power. The following terms have been loaded in such a way by various authorities:

Politically adopted/weaponized

  • Safeguarding - Conflates a range of questionable measures. Used in public policy, but also linked to socially conservative belief systems.
  • Grooming - The presence of consent or agency leading up to unlawful sex.
  • Sexualization - Referring to a loss of supposed Childhood Innocence. Now strongly indicated as conservative or "radically" feminist.
  • Age-appropriate - A term that is used to nativize and render inevitable the withholding of knowledge that is peculiar to anglo/amerocentric western societies. Has seen some use by culture-war conservatives and feminists.
  • Survivor - Equates a sexual experience, unpleasant or otherwise with being involved in a mass shooting or deadly car accident. Has arguably seen political adoption post #metoo.
  • Sex Trafficking - Usually consensual economic illegal immigration related to the sex industry. "Child trafficking" is now highly indicated as a conspiracy-conservative/radfem cause, following the actions of charities such as Operation Underground Railroad.

Untainted (considered politically nonpartisan)

Gays Against Groomers and the conservative adoption of consent mantra
  • Child Sexual Abuse - Undermines sexually mature minors and lumps consensual sex with clear abuse. See also Child Sexual Abuse Material - CSAM.
  • Consent - The problematic concept of "informed consent" objectifies subjective personal experiences by classifying actors according to their age. This results in gaslighting. In 2021, Newgon predicted that the term "consent" would soon be embraced by conservatives and radical feminists, and thus deployed in culture wars.[1] Gays Against Groomers started to make those inroads in 2023 (image inset).
  • Trauma Informed Approach - A method among mental health practitioners that assumes the client/cohort are "survivors", or suffering the effects of a traumatic event. The TIA thus encourages clients to blame existing problems on past experiences and continue seeking therapy indefinitely - benefitting the practitioner.
  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children - This term ignores youth who depend on the sex trade and choose to take part in it.
  • Adolescence - An imagined stage of life, used to extend age restrictions upward.
  • Covert incest - A term used by some anti-sex feminists to bring shame upon family life.
  • Feminism - Some (but not all) "feminists" promote an ideology that creates victims out of those it seeks to empower.
  • Sexual Violence and Teen Dating Violence - conflatory terms that stem from and give rise to the assumption that sexual impulses and young people must be controlled in order to prevent harm.
  • Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) - A feminist term from the United Nations and social sciences that represents an attempt to whitewash ageist violence against children by blaming a small part of it on the "patriarchy". While it is true that particularly outside of the West, misogynistic violence effects both women and girls in similar ways, no justification has been given for the use of this construct, nor the exclusion of men or boys.
  • Rape - A term that once had a very certain meaning is now virtually redundant.
  • Child Pornography - In some cases, the images do not have to be pornographic, but merely "indecent". In others, all of the participants may be sexually mature. The EU-funded IWF has attempted to re-write the language of child pornography by coining "child sexual abuse content", despite the fact that any image, regardless of content may be deemed "indecent" under British law (see Indecent images of children).
  • Gratification disorder or "benign idiopathic infantile dyskinesia" - A medicalization of normal childhood masturbation.

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  • ECPAT - Guidance on terminology: A good example of the Child Abuse Industry sanitizing language.


  1. Diff showing the 2021 prediction (made on social media from now banned accounts) on-wiki in 2022. An important part of the conspiracy-conservative agenda against MAPs is the adoption of previously "agnostic" language related to CSA (grooming, safeguarding, consent, sexualization). In this way, they redeploy the power-claims of the agencies that used those terms, but also undermine their policing efforts by associating themselves with the language