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List of CSA/anti-pedophile proponents

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This article aims to list any person who has spread misinformation about pedophiles or promoted the ideology of child sexual abuse in public, but does not yet have a devoted article on this website. It is intended to be a searchable resource and a repository for information on public persons, their activities, associations and colleagues, who may need to be researched more thoroughly. For articles already created, see Category:People: Unsympathetic Activists, Category:People: Ranting AntiPeds, Category:People: Vigilantes, Category:People: Pseudoscientists.


Bill Gates - "Introduced and steadfastly maintained the Windows software that greatly facilitated the creation of a powerful surveillance tool for the police states of the world", helped transform internet into criminal wire-trap. Corporation also supports nefarious media causes such as NBC and co-operates with Kelloggs.

Rupert Murdoch - The most powerful man in global media, commonwealth monopoliser, master pornographer, supporter of sloppy news values, never questioning the established order.

Celebrities, Media and Writers


Jane Seymour - hosted the special "Break the Silence: Kids Against Child Abuse" on the CBS Television Network, Childhelp USA, UNICEF, Child-Safe ambassador.

Nancy Grace - Court TV presenter, opinion journalist and McCarthyite hysteric who sides with the prosecution almost by default. Unprincipled opportunist.

Wendy Murphy - As per Grace, but with (tainted) experience as a prosecutor. Associate of The Leadership Council.

Oprah Winfrey - Veteran TV talk-show host. Long time friend-of-the-establishment on child abuse issues, speaks from "experience" as to be unchallengeable. Famously went on air to state that "over 9000 [organised, pedophile] penises" are out to rape "our children".

Chris Hansen - Host of Dateline NBC's To Catch a Predator, cult icon, makes money out of traumatising and incriminating entrapment victims.

John Walsh - Presenter of America's Most Wanted, NCMEC key founder. Made money out of son Adam's death. Frequent talking head and supporter of parent-power child abuse programs.

Dr Laura - Family-values talk radio host who communicated with The Leadership Council during the Rind et al affair, pushing for congressional condemnation.

Kurt Eichenwald - Journalist who possibly paid Justin Berry to extract testimony, wrote "expose" of minor-attracted community.

Ellen Bass and Laura Davis - Lesbian/feminist authors of The Courage to Heal, a book which fuelled the Child Sexual Abuse panic.

Dr. Lawrence Pazder and Michelle Smith - Wrote Michelle Remembers and inspired the following Satanic Ritual Abuse fraud.

Cameron Giles - Rapper who at least proposed to harass entrapment victims and " not let them leave until we find out what's wrong with them"[1]

Ricky Martin - Singer who started a foundation in his name (1996) and adopted CSA/Trafficking agenda 10 years later.[2]

Richard Melville Hall - US DJ "Moby" has made statements indicating that he is sympathetic to the CSA agenda.

Christopher Laro - Amateur film-maker who trolls the web accusing others of being the caricatured villains he portrays in his limited filmography.


Chris Ryan, Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Dale Winton, Daniella Westbrook, Bruce Jones, "Big" Ron Atkinson, Tricia Penrose, Barry Cryer, Dickie Bird, Sharon Henderson and the late Bernard Manning all support Sarah's Law, writing emotion-laden endorsements for the News of the World, actor, Danny Dyer, who called for "stiffer sentences" for "paedophiles".

Richard Griffiths - Actor who repeatedly appears in the media, proposing bizarre and gruesome torture of pedophiles (see List of anti-MAP quotes) whilst claiming at the same time to dislike children. Possible closet case.

Gabby Logan - TV presenter. Has done the introduction to the "Child-Safe in Sport" video, which was filmed at Wembley Stadium, England. Child-Safe ambassador. Sarah's Law supporter, "I think Sarah's Law is a great idea because anyone who commits this kind of crime against children has forsaken their right to civil liberties and freedom. A parent's right to protect their child is imperative."

Susan Osman - BBC News Presenter. Child-Safe endorsement/ambassador.

Nick Ross - TV presenter, Child-Safe ambassador/works for, generally crime-obsessed.

Mark Scott - ( Musician who used the death of Sarah Payne to advance his career, campaigning for Sarah's Law and using the fully supportive Murdoch media to achieve this aim. Has thus far failed, probably because he is an extremely bad musician.

Rebekah Wade - Editor of The Sun, frequently ran "paedo" witch-hunt stories for The News of the World.

Roger Moore - Ex actor and UNICEF ambassador, prone to making grand statements on the sexual misery of children.



Ann Veneman - UNICEF head.

Ernie Allen - NCMEC President & CEO.

Nikki Craft - Political activist/feminist who attacks the nudist movement.

Andrew Vachss - Lawyer/crime author/protection advocate/friend of the establishment.

Danielle Grijalva - Director of the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students (, USA), advised on US Department of State regulations in this area. Child-Safe ambassador.

Wendell Kreuth - Predator Hunter vigilante.

Anita Bryant - Traditionalist of Save our Children fame. Believes that homosexuals "recruit" children and then molest them.

Judith Cohen - MD and Child Psychiatrist, was the chief ‘expert witness' supporting the obscenely delusional Nicole Althaus.


Mark Williams-Thomas - Consultant and TV personality.

Michele Elliot - Kidscape figurehead, regularly appears on TV to incite hysteria and holds particularly backward views on parenting.

Claude Knights - Kidscape director.

Esther Rantzen - Prolific TV hostess who founded Childline, NSPCC links, now admits her role in drumming up paranoia.

Sara Payne - Mother of the murdered girl, Sarah. Has ridden the wave of publicity surrounding her daughter's death, helped found Phoenix Survivors, appointed MBE and Gov. "Victim's Champion".

Ray Wyre - Now dead child protection consultant.

John Carr - "Self appointed spokesman on child rights in Great Britain", NCH spoke.

Tracy Edwards MBE - Semi-celebrity and CEOP worker.

Marilyn Hawes - "Concerned Mum" who founded the Enough Abuse consultancy with Michele Elliot after her boys had sex with their headmaster.

Tink Palmer - Stop it Now, IWF,

Kate and Gerry McCann - Monopolised on the kidnapping (or possibly their own disposal) of their young daughter, blaming "paedophilia" and calling for a Europe-wide Sex offender register.

Kirk Wayne - Prolific and implausible accuser of Jonathan King.

Donald Findlater - Head of Stop it Now UK, media talking head.


Ireen van Engelen - Dutch anti-pedo who investigated Ipce.


Hetty Johnston - White balloon day and Bravehearts founder, opportunist, unbounded hysteric/media advocate.


Queen Silvia of Sweden - Frequent media-friendly agitator on Child Abuse and Child Pornography, "World Childhood Foundation" figurehead, ECPAT patron.



Richard Blumenthal - Attorney General for Conn. He co-chairs the state attorney general task force on social networking sites (frequent media rabble-rouser on internet-related issues).

Ed Jagels - "Renowned as one of California's toughest district attorneys, built his career on the Kern County child molestation cases of the 1980s, putting more than two dozen men and women behind bars to serve decades-long sentences for abusing children".


Sir Ronald Waterhouse - Former judge who headed Britain's biggest ever inquiry into child abuse. Sarah's Law supporter, spreads (probably knowingly) misinformation about recidivism.



Jim Gamble - Currently heads CEOP. One of the most unwaveringly authoritarian of talking heads on this issue.

Lord Stevens - former Met Police Chief, Sarah's Law supporter.

Bob McLachlan - Former Head of Scotland Yard's Paedophile Squad, Sarah's Law supporter.



Senator Florence Shapiro of Texas - In 1995, she authored a series of bills entitled ‘Ashley’s Laws’, introducing sex offender registration and increasing the measures for investigating, prosecuting and punishing SOs. The case involved was later dismissed due to DNA evidence. She continues her campaigning.

Jerry Keen and David Ralston - Georgia State Representatives, "two men most directly responsible for the passage of Georgia's draconian sex offender laws".

Bobby Jindal - Louisiana Governor, promises to fight Sex Offenders with new laws.


Charles Clarke - Former Home Secretary, frequently panders to hysteria, organises with CSA charities. Child-Safe endorsement.

John Reid - Former Home Secretary, frequently panders to hysteria, organises with CSA charities. Child-Safe endorsement.

Dan Norris - MP for Wansdyke (Somerset), frequently uses child sex to further his career, Sarah's Law supporter. "In 20 years of experience in child protection I have had the misfortune to work with many paedophiles".

Helena Kennedy - Baroness with a long history of CSA campaigning, including TV. Recently took up a civil-libertarian POV, though.


Clifford Reid - Failed European Parliament candidate, ran on "stop the paedophiles" - a campaign to publicly identify and electronically tag all convicted sex offenders after their release.


Landon Pearson - Vice-chair of the Canadian Commission for the International Year of the Child and editor of the report, "For Canada's Children: National Agenda for Action" in 1979; president then chair of the Canadian Council on Children and Youth from 1984-1990; founder and chair of the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children until her appointment to the Senate of Canada in 1994. Named personal representative of Prime Minister Jean Chretien to the 2001 Special Session on Children of the UN General Assembly in June 1999. Child-Safe ambassador.


Vaughan Johnson - MP who called for pedophiles to kill themselves "If they all went and did it first up, we wouldn't have this problem. They must be guilty if they commit suicide ... maybe I am too harsh but I've got no time for that." (Did Johnson used to do witch trials in a previous life?)

Academics and Mental Health


Diana Russell - Radical feminist "researcher".

Len Sperry - A Medical Doctor and PhD who specialises in the "medicine" and "biology" of family relationships. Condemns what he calls pedophilia as an immoral act, a crime and a mental disorder.

Sharon Araji - Historically affiliated with David Finkelhor, and presently University of Alaska. Writing with the agenda of expanding the envelope to "sexually violent" prepubescents.

David Spiegel - Leadership Council zealot who invoked "moral outrage" and "sleazy exploitation" in the Rind et al affair.

Joyanna Silberg - Prominent Leadership Council member, advocate of Dissociative identity Disorder.

Ross Cheit - Leadership Council member.

Samuel Janus - Opportunist sexologist who wrote such tendentious works as The Death of Innocence - how our children are endangered by the new sexual freedom.

Howard Barbaree - Argues for an over-broad, part-behavioural definition of pedophilia for the purpose of "taxonomic" efficiency.

Rolland Summitt - Recognised along with Finkelhor as a founding father of CSA, used incest model to expand intrinsic harm theory in the 80s.

Jeffrey Masson - Influential writer of The Assault on Truth, revived the concept of repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse ("seduction theory") by twisting Freud.

Barbara Rogers - Therapist and opportunist. Author of Screams from Childhood[3]

Dr. Sharon Cooper - Talking head in the media, runs consultancy on child abuse.

Judianne Densen-Gerber - Dead Psychiatrist with links to US govt, SRA, Kiddy Porn. Known for media-friendliness and corruption.[4][5]

William N. Friedrich - Late Professor in the Mayo Medical School and a Consultant at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Devised Child Sexual Behaviour Inventory.

Jennifer L. Fisher, Carrie Anne Dittner (Mayo Clinic), Robert Acton (Children's Hospital, Calgary), Lucy Berliner (Harborview Sexual Assault Center, at least one book for APSAC) Judy Butler (Emmanuel Hospital) Linda Damon (San Fernando Valley Child Guidance Clinic), W. Hobart Davies (Children's Hospital of Wisconsin) Alison Gray (STEP Program) were all involved in a sympathetic review of Friedrich's CSBI.

John E. B. Myers - Has published numerous books, inc. for APSAC.

John Briere - Has published numerous books, inc. for APSAC and articles[6].


Don Grubin - Newcastle University - based North American psychiatrist, implementing the harshest sex-offender treatments on trial by the government, including compulsory lie-detectors. Frequent talking head in the media.


Freda Briggs - Emeritus Professor of Child Development at the University of South Australia, Child Abuse researcher, educator, writer. Child-Safe ambassador/Bravehearts supporter.


Shmuel Vaknin - Self-promoting pseudo-academic who writes absurd and derogatory nonsense about pedophiles.


Jean Jacques Rousseau - A historical proponent of children's sexual innocence.


Antipaedo - On Youtube or "Jacey" of and Absolute Zero, a prolific writer and Photoshop artist for anti-pedophiles.

Marina H - Publicly known as Stitches77, lead-writer for hateblog Absolute Zero.

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