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For a more selective, chronological activism archive (featuring peripheral topics and external links to approved sites), see Chronological Archive.

This category contains all archived material in wiki text on NewgonWiki, some Wiki articles about archived material and any files that are archived here. NewgonWiki's role as an archive extends only to the history of activism up until 2010, although we occasionally archive peripheral content, or newer material relating to activism in the 1950-2010 period. Ipce is an excellent archive of academic papers covering similar topics. FST is also an excellent service for archiving video material. BoyWiki has archived material more oriented towards pederasty.

Editors should create an encyclopedia page for each archived publication (of note), and add links to relevant archived files to said article. Less notable publications, such as obscure magazines, should be added to larger articles (i.e. List of MAP-related magazines), which are in turn members of this category.


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