Debate Guide: Pedophiles chose their condition

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"Pedophiles choose to be what they are."

Pedophilia (not sexual offending) is an "incurable" sexual orientation just like any other. Current prejudices and supposedly "humanistic" denial of a biological component do nothing to alter this timeless fact. Attempts to cure pedophilia failed, as did attempts to eliminate homosexuality. Pedophilia is a natural and adaptive human trait, regardless of how it is loathed in today's society.

The argument presented here relies on the assertion that "deviant" sexuality is subject to "free will" (see link below). Empirical data does not support this, as can be seen in the links above. The comments of Fred Berlin, a man who has for many years attempted to reform pedophiles, are quite telling:

"It may be no easier for a person with pedophilia to change his or her sexual orientation than it is for a homosexual or heterosexual individual to do so."[1]


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