Republicans are the real pedophiles

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Typical meme response

"Republicans are the real pedophiles" refers to a trope of online discussion, wherein as soon as one "side" in normative political discourse accuses the other of "pedophilia", the other must make the exact same accusation in response.

In most instances, this involves American Democrats being accused[1] by Republican drones of tolerating MAPs or engaging in grooming by way of culturally indoctrinating "children". Democrat drones will then automatically invoke Republican sympathy towards Youth-Adult Marriage (often described as "child marriage") and list various examples of Republicans who were convicted of "sex crimes".

Views on the long-term efficacy of this Tu quoque strategy vary, with some believing that it effectively normalizes/banalizes attraction to minors, thus disarming itself over the longer term. At the same time, this argument's eventual abandonment in favor of more nuanced alternatives, might be seen as a signal as to the crumbling of child safeguarding doxa.

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