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Conspiratorialism is one of the main strands of thought that enables the demonization of MAPs. In the 1980s, American anti-cult campaigners had sought to defame their opponents with imputations of organized child abuse and sacrifice. In that era, popular and literary depictions of "pedophiles" as organized, well-connected and above the law, became increasingly common - in stark contrast to the banal, infantile and "pathetic" images propagated in the 60s and early 70s. Similar accusations have since been leveled against religious sects and financial elites, all following the same pattern, whereby power breeds a conspiracy to obtain what is denied to common men.

More recently, "pedophile" conspiracies have been associated with Jeffrey Epstein, left-wing politicians and spread by the Q-Anon and Pizzagate movements, multiple members of which have gone on to be convicted of sexual crimes with a minor. In most cases, the accusations of conspiracy theorists relate to teenage minors, and thus could not even be interpreted as evidence of pedophilia - an attraction to prepubertal children.

In David Sonenschein's text, Pedophiles on Parade, he identifies multiple examples of conspiratorialist pedophile demonology in 1970s and 80s popular literature and media, which went on to shape today's grossly inaccurate perceptions of MAPs.[1]

According to a 2023 paper in Human Trafficking, many students at a Hispanic-serving educational facility in S-E US endorsed myths of trafficking, and most believed in at least one conspiracy theory.[2]

See also

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  • BLogo and GLogo are both MAP symbols that have been the subject of multiple conspiracy scares. More recently, the MAP Flag and Progress Pride Flag have been subject to similar claims.
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