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A selection of Child safety mascots

A child safety mascot is a device used to warn children about the dangers posed by adults who make sexual advances. Usually based on an animal, the safety mascot is also active in setting boundaries for "appropriate behavior".

The concept became a meme, in the form of Yello Dyno, a jive-talking yellow lizard who spawned a bizarre 1998 viral 40-minute video, in which sexually active hebephiles and a youth pornographer were referred to as "tricky people".[1]

Probably inspired by Yello Dyno, the concept was parodied by South Park, in the episode, Sexual Harassment Panda.

Thanks to a random donation by a man describing himself as a "philanthrophist", a tiny island in the English Channel was subjected to over 10 years of sexual abuse ministry via a yellow dinosaur egged on by former SRA apologists. The dinosaur (not related to Yello Dyno) teaches children not to let strangers touch their "private parts" (captions via PCMA)[2]

The idea has seen little adoption in the 2010s and 20s. This is thought to be because of the similarity of these mascots to the sometimes sexually-connoted fursuits used by furries to signal their creative impulses. In 2022, qualified counselor and child abuse expert, Jon K. Uhler put forth a conspiracy theory involving fursuits and pedophilia.[3]

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