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New Old Format

November 10th, 2010

Due to a lack of input, we have moved from the quarterly Wiki format (that supported us for five editions and over a year) to the old free blogging format. Existing authors may have their accounts reactivated on request. We welcome new authors to request an account – preferably, to email Jim through the forum.

Proposing, Veiling and Prosecuting Thoughtcrime

January 24th, 2009

[Reposted from ATC] In George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four the government attempts to control not only the speech and actions, but also the thoughts of its subjects, labelling disapproved thoughts with the term thoughtcrime or, in Newspeak, “crimethink”. In the book, Winston Smith, the main character, writes in his diary: “Thoughtcrime does not entail […]

The boy who refused to grow up

December 15th, 2008

What follows is a January 25, 2007 review of Peter Pan, posted to the long-gone BL blog known as Paiderastia. “I always forget them after I kill them”. Thus speaks Peter Pan of his opponents in the eponymous novel by J.M. Barrie, and in those words lies all the difference between the original novel and […]

Blast from the past

November 6th, 2008

As we await the publishing of our magazine’s next edition on the 15th of February, let’s go back to April 16, 2006 – when sites were beginning to be censored and this whole thing was about to kick off for real. This post from the now deleted My Silent War pertains to another censored website […]

Vast improvements in this site

October 8th, 2008

Our site is undergoing a major refurbishment. In addition to a simplified front page and brand new promotional material portal, we are developing the Wiki into an encyclopedia of everything related to the sexual attractions and experiences of minors towards each other and older people.With the disappearance of, Paed Encyclopedia and the comatose BoyWiki, […]

IYAC: Disingenuous “Children’s Rights”

June 16th, 2008

“OK, kids. We’ll listen to you, as long as you say what we want to hear”. If ever there was confirmation that the club-wielding ogre known as the Child-Protection Movement has completed its brutally effective hijacking of the Children’s-Rights Bandwagon, this has to be it. Now watch me as I drown in my own sarcasm. […]

David Thorstad

November 7th, 2007

Isn’t it funny how Wikipedia will allow unpaid volunteers to spend hours constructing an article, only to let some bureaucratic administrator purge it because no one could link a source? David Thorstad, American political activist and author, has been a prominent member of the gay rights movement since the 1970s, and was a founding member […]

Toplist, SOA and Participation

October 30th, 2007

I have just constructed a links toplist for the website, which can be accessed here. I now seek feedback on the functionality of the list, and whether there are any other high quality sites that you think should be linked. I was thinking of ASFAR, for starters. When we’re all happy with the section, I shall link […]

Hosting Clarification

September 12th, 2007

Over the last few days, the site has shown all the security of a light aircraft containing Geoffrey Leonard and a tabloid journalist. This was due to wider problems concerning our host, and then a knock on effect of their new fix. At this stage, it looks like all issues have been resolved, and hosting should return to maximum efficiency.

Recruitment drive

July 27th, 2007

The recruitment drive for this blog is now entering what I would call its “closing stages”, and let me tell you, we have some interesting characters showing interest in present and future participation. We’re aiming for a rough doubling of the current participation, and it looks like we might just about get it. Readers may also […]

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