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The Adverse Effects of Child Sexual Hysteria (Part 1)

August 6th, 2008

Originally posted on ANU. If we were to put aside our case for non-contact pedophile rights – just for a moment, how many adverse consequences could we list for society in general? I almost considered grafting extra fingers to count them all. In this half of my post, I consider the negative impacts on Children: […]

Spiraling Out of Control…

July 13th, 2008

Anti-pedophile hysteria has always been rooted primarily in the underlying, unspoken, desire to keep young people in a controlled, confined atmosphere. A greenhouse environment. Only in such surroundings can they be suitably conditioned and indoctrinated into becoming the obedient, placid drones that the social order needs them to be. Fortunately, this control becomes self-propelling and […]

The Parrot in the Cage

March 13th, 2008

Anyone familiar with Jodorowsky’s ‘El Topo‘, will vividly recall the opening scene, in which El Topo leads his son, naked on horseback, into the desert. There, he instructs him to bury his first toy and a photo of his mother. “You are seven years old”, he tells him, “You are a man”. This is inconceivable […]

“Sex before eight, or else it’s too late.”

January 12th, 2008

The infamous slogan of the title is said to be the motto of the René Guyon Society. Here, I outline an argument (independent of Guyon’s doctrines) that demonstrates its – naturally theoretical – appropriateness in modern society. The argument needs a background context. It is essentially this: the existing social order is based upon exploitation […]

Our Collective Trauma

January 4th, 2008

Today, participating in another debate on child sexuality, responding for the so-manieth time to the ‘argument’ that children cannot consent to sex because they do not understand it as adults do, I was struck with an insight that, while not strictly new, I had so far not realised the full significance of. Quoted here is […]

On a Seasonal note…

December 21st, 2007

Stood in a store checkout queue yesterday, my attention was naturally caught by a cute boy – luxurious brown hair; soft, creamy skin; enormous blue eyes; maybe 5 or recently-turned 6. His mother, stood in front of me in the queue, was piling groceries (high-fat / high-salt ready meals, but that’s another comment) on the […]

Youth Liberation

September 21st, 2007

In our period of history, when work is considered a virtue, and earning money is the aim of life, the non-working, expense-incurring child can only be considered an inferior being. Edward Brongersma asserts that this ‘unhealthy situation is not a natural condition, but is peculiar only to the last two centuries’. It was only after […]

Demonstrative post: The rights of children

July 23rd, 2007

In starting this blog, I’ve got to make absolutely clear what I intend it to be used for. This has been done in part, via private e.mails, but let’s now make a public demonstration of it. I will re-post one of my own pieces from my old website. It relates to the rights of children, […]