Uncommon Sense is the quarterly Webmagazine of Newgon.com. Established in 2007, it was first published in a running blog format.

The magazine will aim to provide basic information concerning the movement for recognition of sexual attractions and interactions between adults and minors. We will also publish a series of diverse, interesting, and persuasive writings by authors who may hold differing general ideologies, but still share the general concerns of Newgon.com. Writers will be able to draw upon personal, sociological, medical, logical and youth oriented themes, although they will remain united by the goal of appealing to neutral readers.

In the face of society’s dominant bigotry, erotophobia, ephebiphobia and crazed witch-hunt against imagined “predators”, it was indeed only a matter of time before a platform such as Uncommon Sense was established.

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Rules (comment threads are assumed to be an administrative domain of NF):

Our straightforward guidelines advise against disruption of the board with undesirable, illegal or risky content. You must NOT use Newgon Forum to:

Engage in, attempt to incite, encourage or facilitate illegal activity. And regarding “sexual content”:

Request or display any photographic or pseudo-photographic images of child nudity or child erotica, or any advertisement which suggests that you may display such images. This means no images or links to images/image portals for any unclothed images or clothed images that may be deemed “indecent”. “Pre Teen” sites are not allowed. Any form of porn or literary erotica supposedly corrupts our minor users, so is not allowed.

Disclose information about criminal activities. Exceptions include convicted crimes, crimes for which a period of limitations has been fully spent and crimes against your (now adult) self, for which you are free and unwilling to report.

Advertise primarily for profit or intensively for non-profit interests.

Reveal undisclosed personal information that is likely to expose individuals to violence or social ostracism.

Engage in disruptive behaviour, particularly with intent.

Make ad hominem attacks, which may be removed if the recipient or moderator is uncomfortable with them.

Post “trivia”. Non-essential discussions that dilute the intellectual presence this forum is valued for will be deleted. This (obviously) does not exclude discussions of sexuality, but instead those quick fire, non-essential discussions of casual interests that involve little elaboration or contribution to the understanding of sexuality. Any other content that does not serve any intellectual purpose is likely to be removed.

Use “deceptive duplicate” and “fake” accounts: Any second user account that by virtue of its purported and critical independence of its true owner, acts to deceive others, is likely to be blocked or banned, possibly in tandem with its owner. Any account that is used to impersonate someone or make implausible claims about (for example) its owner or their real-life activities will probably be banned as dangerous and/or degrading to the forum mission.

You CAN use Newgon Forum to:

Describe criminal activity, or justify the merits of deregulation. Key factors: we must talk hypothetically, or refer to acts already convicted, past their period of limitations or committed against your (now adult) self, when unwilling to testify. “Encouragement” and “disclosure” are no-go zones. Please ask for clarification if left confused.


Moderators should never feel dictated to by the board guidelines in any area other than the law.

Unlike other sites, we do not uphold redundant and potentially destructive rules against “advocacy”, “off topic” replies and “flaming”, all of which can be dealt with by moving threads and acting to stifle intentionally disruptive behaviour, and posts that serve no purpose for the board (see SNR). We have tried our best to exclude the rigid, numbered rule systems present on other boards and intend zero abuse of power and minimal interference from moderators. This is something that our moderators have experienced on other forums, and we fully intend to avoid such events when dealing with individuals of all persuasions. Complementing and aiding our commitment to freedom of speech, we also realise that there are acceptable, unacceptable, disruptive and non disruptive ways of expressing any opinion.

We have no guidelines on banning. Instant and permanent bans may be used, and we have staff who are willing to make such bans when required, or otherwise leave only one warning before making a permanent ban.

The main attribute of Newgon Forum’s moderation regime is the individual moderators’ sense of justice, which we believe is more than adequate, consistent and attuned to the site’s aims and ethos. Nobody acting in a sane, polite and responsible manner will offend this sense of justice.

You are responsible for your own actions:

We cannot be held accountable for any abuses carried out by individuals on this forum, although we will act to remove material, and even report it to the relevant authorities when legally compelled. It is your responsibility to be aware of and obey all laws within your jurisdiction.