Blast from the past

November 6th, 2008 by The Administrator

As we await the publishing of our magazine’s next edition on the 15th of February, let’s go back to April 16, 2006 – when sites were beginning to be censored and this whole thing was about to kick off for real. This post from the now deleted My Silent War pertains to another censored website that I will be using to plug the gap between now and the 15th of February.

“This world, the planet Earth, is dominated by the human race. Dominance is decided by the power of one over the other. As said in The Matrix Reloaded, “if we really wanted to, we could smash these things to bits”. Potential to destroy is what power is measured in, and it’s this power that so many desire.

Because of the innumerable horrors this has led to, a group of trusted leaders came together at the closure of the worst human disaster of all time, determined to prevent such an unimaginable tragedy of human nature from happening again. At the end of world war two, an assembly gathered amongst the ruins of humanity’s worst crimes imaginable. They resolved to make a declaration, that every singe man, every single woman, and every single boy and girl would be granted rights. Rights that no person, circumstance or event could ever take from them. They were:

  1. The right to life, liberty and security of person.
  2. The right to an education.
  3. The right to participate fully in cultural life.
  4. Freedom from torture or cruel, inhumane treatment or punishment.
  5. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion.
  6. Freedom of expression and opinion.

This document has been decleared as the world’s most translated document, with it being available in 321 languages and dialects. For the past fifty-eight years, it has been the basis of what groups like Amnesty International have been determined to achieve. For the past fifty-eight years, ALL humans on this earth have been promised the above rights, regardless of ANYTHING. And for the past fifty-eight years, it has been repeatedly violated, forgotten or ignored.

We live in a world where people are too steeped in prejudice to learn. We live in a world where hipocracy is the very foundation of any action. We live in a world where hate is accepted and love is despised.

We live in a world where it takes a horrific tragedy like World War Two to make people realise just how fucked up everything really is.

A few hours ago, I checked on Paiderastia to see if any more posts were up, or if any of the new flames were replying to my message of support. To my utter contempt, the blog was gone. 404 – not found. “visit the Blogger homepage or the Blogger Knowledge Base for further assistance.”

There are two explanations for this: Either an admin of the blog was sick of the press and flaming, and deleted it of their own will, or caved into the pressure and deleted it.

Blogger, and its parent Google, were in a no-win situation with this. They could support the rights and freedoms of the “boy-love-blog”gers and let the blog stay up, much to the fury of bigots like Stacey Harp (who is in fact not particularly “SHarp”), or they could cave to the pressure from such individuals out of fear of the ensuing headlines of “Google supports CHILD MOLESTERS!”, “ refuses to delete PEDOPHILE blog!!” and “Blog site not safe for kids!!!”.

Why is it that because a fucking Christian bigot doesn’t like it, Google were bullied to taking the damn thing down? How come freedom of speech is only an illusion, and you can say whatever you want as long as you aren’t a PEDO? WHY can you accuse other bloggers of despicable crimes, WHY can you spam their blogs with nonsense and flames, WHY can you go on the fucking NATIONAL NEWS and spout any kind of lies about the site, but GOD forbid if you mention your pedo-ness!

And now that Paiderastia has been silenced, any one of us could be next to get our blogs censored because some narrow-minded bitch thinks it’s wrong to talk about how we find children to be beautiful.

Because this is the world we live in. What a world we live in…”

2 Responses to “Blast from the past”

  1. Steve Diamond Says:

    Good post…

    Stacey may never know the true depth of her own legacy, being the astonishingly ignorant woman she is…That bigot did more to help us, than she could have ever done to hurt us…She served the purpose of being a catalyst, which united us and stirred us to action.

    Google and blogspot, are hypocrites of epic proportion.

  2. ks Says:

    You hit it on the nose! Back in the fall of 1984, when I was in college, there was a large room with a podium
    with a microphone on it. I had this urge to go up to the podium and give a speech on pedophilia. I never went up to the podium, because of fear of violence. Should I have spoken up, even if it cost me my life?
    Would I still be alive? If so, what would my life have
    been like since then, if I had spoken up? You, sir, are a hero to me. I wish I had the guts back then, but
    now? You have given me some hope.

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