New Old Format

November 10th, 2010 by The Administrator

Due to a lack of input, we have moved from the quarterly Wiki format (that supported us for five editions and over a year) to the old free blogging format.

Existing authors may have their accounts reactivated on request.

We welcome new authors to request an account – preferably, to email Jim through the forum.

2 Responses to “New Old Format”

  1. elixir Says:

    Hello mr james.
    i am very impressed with your article and i believe your words are absolutely relevant for this issue.
    Despite there being physical evidence of the existence of ‘minor-attracted people’ throughout history and even an active society of such people today it seems this modern society has dug in it’s heels and remains stubbornly opposed to opening it’s eyes to the truth: check out ‘Pashtun paedophiles’ gooogle.
    Please continue to raise awareness of the existence of this site. I only stumbled upon it by chance! It really needs to be spread through ‘the community’ especially as it has the long-term interests of many people at it’s core.

  2. elixir Says:

    oops wrong place! hehe

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