Vast improvements in this site

October 8th, 2008 by The Administrator

Our site is undergoing a major refurbishment. In addition to a simplified front page and brand new promotional material portal, we are developing the Wiki into an encyclopedia of everything related to the sexual attractions and experiences of minors towards each other and older people.With the disappearance of, Paed Encyclopedia and the comatose BoyWiki, the need for such a resource is considerably urgent.

We require input on a number of subjects. People, living or dead – organisations of any kind – research into our topics -  people’s testimonies of relationships – and legal information are just a few examples.

Sometimes, we require workmanlike input – for example categorising articles, archiving or transferring material from discontinued parts of the site to the Wiki.

Understandably, writing and categorising such a large number of articles does involve a great deal of work. We have already benefited from the collaboration of Daniel, Brian, Jillium and PiedPiper, but a stronger and steadier flow of contributions is needed to make this project work.

If anyone is interested in taking part, or wants to know more about how the encyclopedia will work, please get in contact with Daniel (lievre|hushmail|com) , who has been organising this overhaul.

2 Responses to “Vast improvements in this site”

  1. Pyro Says:

    The website is looking good, we really need to focus on making the information which was previously available on encylopedia-type CL websites available again. We’ve already lost so much of our history through not having resources like Newgon, it would be sad to lose more.

  2. shellban Says:

    NewGon really rocks and its growing from nothing to one of the main references to understand child love, this is great I would just keep up the eyes well open because the establishment is going to start to worry soon about Newgon and they may try and make up some kind of charge for something.

    Let’s not forget that the state is already jailing people for posession of cartoons, anything is possible.

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