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This page contains a to-do list for content-generation and low-importance administrative tasks the whole of The Wiki and indeed site. While less urgent information relating to a single page can be stored on its talk page, this page will be used for listing big tasks and neglected people/organisations/topics.


  • Work on the mirror project, by vetting and transferring relevant material from BoyWiki, PRD, quotes from William Percy's biographies, other sites etc.
  • Correct all links in the Testimony section (web archive if required).
  • Continue improvement of Debate Guide and correct all links.
  • Correct all links in the Research section (DONE Oct 2021)
  • Go through Help:Research Resources in a per-resource chronological order (leaving evidence of what was checked). Find interesting abstracts, then delve deeper for research project excerpts and excerpt graphics.
  • Add {{Moreinfo}} to pages needing more info/reader contributions, or {{Moreinfo-ss}} for statistical support. Develop pages for example, by going to "what links here" for Template:Moreinfo.
  • Go thru the entire encyclopedia to fill "unused categories" in the catlist. Kick the category up into the main run lists when done.

Admin assistance required

  • Set up add-ons and other tech support fixes. Requires discussion with admin.
  • Set up support for multiple interlanguage links
  • Set up robots. We haven't yet got a link fixer or web archiver bot.


Delete when complete, or add a new one.

LT Projects incomplete

Incomplete articles needing attention

2022 Audit results

We will carry out a full audit in 2022 and repeat every 4 years. Articles needing updates will be listed below.

New Tasks

  • Download [3] and upload to FST. Add to article on Peter Tatchell.
  • Do the same with [4] and [5]. Graft them together into one video. Also [6] is worth putting up on FST. As is [7] And [8] And [9]
  • Create a poetry listicle (if we can find GL poetry to balance it out) [12]
  • Improve Music featuring attraction to minors by removing unnecessary commentary and removing all links, most of which will be dead. Most music can be found very easily via a search.
  • Create a template to index articles on 1. Organizations and 2. History and Anthropology. 3. Academia.
  • Add Ian Freeman to Accounts (FST video?).
  • Continue to update Legal Information within the reduced scope of major english speaking jurisdictions.
  • Use Child Pornography (Wikipedia) and Boywiki to pad out our own article. Devolve any time sensitive reference to legal info to Wikipedia. Pad out historical context, sociocultural, etc.
  • Use [17] and [18] to construct article on personal boundaries.
  • Extend AoC article with [19][20], but please don't import lists that will need constantly updating.
  • Possible encyclopedic uses of [21]
  • Alcibiades - Some beginning materials. Few citations/sources, though... and might be some bias.
  • SOA Newspaper cuttings about British organizations. Needs archiving and activating.
  • NAMBLA. The new NAMBLA site is information laden. Audit and activate.
  • Go thru Consentinghumans and look for themes and arguments for the Wiki. This was the pulled weblog that contained a lot of argument from the perspective of a pedophile. Became quite radical, then posted about limitations to his radical philosophy.
  • Use this [24] and the two previous posts (part 1 and 2) to flesh out our articles on Feminist icons, and create new ones. May also inform our articles on Intergenerational Lesbianism and LGBT-MAP Unity.

Wanted articles (by type)

The predecessor to this page was NewgonWiki:Wanted Page, which still contains many unexplored ideas.

Stub only

Stub-only articles link out to Wikipedia/etc, but might include focus on extra information such as incredibility/financial motives of accusers, or specific relevance to our subject.

Full topic

Full topic articles cover subjects that are a) at high risk of censorship/misrepresentation and b) we have special information about and c) are of high relevance to our topic, and we can keep updated.

Homosexuality in Wilhelmine Germany: Senna Hoy, Erich M ̈uhsam, John Henry Mackay’, Journal of Homosexuality 29 (1995), pp. 117–54 (esp. p. 130).]


  1. Research his connection to Uranian writing. E.g. Sheila Rowbotham, Edward Carpenter: A Life of Liberty and Love (London: Verso, 2009), p. 199; 208–9