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We encourage use of the following resources to help build NewgonWiki articles. Where the material is available under the GNU FD License, it may be copied fully. This does not mean that it should, as new content must always conform to our accepted quality controls.

Like Wikipedia, just copy info with high risk of censorship, and high probability of us knowing something they don't. Else, create a stub if its relevant. We can't go creating 142 articles on defunct arms of Free Spirits or some 1990s boylover screen name who sucked a boy off and made the news. Needs vetting for obvious BL/FS-bias, fact-checking, preachy/sentimental tone, babbling, formatting, etc. Please appropriately credit and link all BW articles where any Mirror Work has been done.

Categories (please expand the articles section below from these, but don't delete this listing)

Their reference sourcebook is huge, but we should go through it. Go through everything and find out what is useful.

Articles (theirs | ours (Latest Mirror-Work completed))

William Percy

See [1] for example. Some of this site has been hastily bodged (watch out for Wikipedia facsimiles), but there exist some gems.


Excellent source, but just create stubs and link out to it, if the risk of censorship (inc. bias/distortion) is low.

Categories (please expand the articles section below from these, but don't delete this listing)

Articles (theirs | ours (Latest Mirror-Work completed))



Really old, pre-wiki resource we have archived. Lots of research and literature. Maybe, lots of testimonies have been copied. What about the rest? Useful?

Database, not activated, needs to be audited for information and archived by a project member.