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Nelson Maatman

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Nelson Maatman is a young, second-wave MAP activist from the Netherlands.

He is currently under investigation for supposed links with the banned political organization, Vereniging MARTIJN, which ceased operation before he became active as a campaigner. He has been known to have left the country at some point, and this has been characterized as "fleeing" the country.

Maatman has become infamous after seeking to make an appearance at Amsterdam’s annual Pride march in the summer of 2019. He devised a social experiment whereby he attempted to bring back the tradition of advocating for children’s and paedophiles’ rights at Pride events. He was barred, and has since appealed to human rights organizations. He has also taken part in an infamous television interview, in which he made provocative statements about sexual relationships between adults and minors.[1] He was soon-after arrested under statutes on illegal images, but no evidence has thusfar been indicated.

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