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Vereniging MARTIJN is a Dutch association that advocates the acceptance of sexual relationships between adults and minors. Founded in Hoogeveen, 1982[1], the group's main activity has been the publication of OK magazine, known until 1987 as Martijn.

MARTIJN was expelled from the International Lesbian and Gay Association in 1994.[2] It has issued statements opposing rape and other forms of sexual violence, and urges its members to abide by the law[3], but is nevertheless highly controversial in its home country.

The organization was in the news in October 2007 when it was learned that photographs of Princess Amalia, daughter of Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange and his wife Princess Maxima, were on display on the websites forum. The Prince went to court to request a €50,000 fine and the removal of the photos from the website.[4] The court agreed that the photos must be removed, and imposed a fine of €5,000 to be paid every time photos of children of the royal family are placed on the site again. The organization had to pay €1235 in costs.[5][6][7]

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