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Norbert de Jonge in the mid 00s

Norbert de Jonge, is a late 1st-wave MAP Activist, secretary-treasurer of the PNVD and founder of video sharing website He also has Vereniging MARTIJN links, having once been active in the now banned association. Like close friend, Marthijn Uittenbogaard, he came out[1] as a Pedophile (in his case, a Girl Lover - incredibly rare for an activist linked to a former ILGA-Affiliate organization). De Jonge is also a highly assertive and organized online activist - for example, using his web space to upload an archive of podcasts and various materials. In 2020, he used a baseball bat to fight off a mentally disturbed knife man inside the home of his friend, Marthijn Uittenbogaard. The intruder escaped, and was later apprehended with a bloody hand.[2]

De Jonge transferred into politics along with his associates, due to a lack of support for early 2nd wave MAP initiatives such as

University Controversy

In June 2006, Norbert de Jonge was expelled from his pedagogy degree course at the Radboud University Nijmegen, owing to his involvement with the party and identification as a pedophile.[3][4] He sought legal action against the university[5] but this was ruled against, on the grounds that Radboud was a Catholic university that was allowed to uphold "Catholic Morals". In 2007, de Jonge was refused admittance as a orthopedagogy student by the university in Leiden, which has no religious background. De Jonge's appeal against this was rejected by the College of Appeal for higher education CBHO. They ruled that the university has a right to ban him, because of the damage it would suffer to its reputation and relationship with pedagogical institutions.[6] De Jonge's only option to appeal against this ruling was at the European Court of Human Rights. In earlier statements De Jonge stated he would keep fighting to the bitter end.[7]

Third time unlucky

De Jonge was rejected by Utrecht University in 2009, owing to his Activism.


In 2020, Dutch police raided his home because the Public Prosecution Service suspected him of continuing the activities of Vereniging MARTIJN, which was earlier banned for its political positions. He wrote:

"Later that day, after rocks had been thrown through my windows, I fled. I've since moved to another city, leaving my ground floor apartment in Arnhem that I'd lived in for almost fourteen years. Last month, I published an open letter to the Wikimedia Foundation, urging them to scrutinize their discriminatory "Child protection" policy."[8]

He later decided not to contest these charges for political and personal reasons, and signaled his intent to emigrate after he has served whatever sentence results.[9] On 12 March, 2022, a Dutch court sentenced both De Jonge and Uittenbogaard to 4 and 6 month prison sentences for continuing Martijn's political activities.[10]

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