Latest: Dissident Dutch author A.H.J. Dautzenberg alleges serious malpractice on the part of Tim Ballard in his new exclusive: Gruesome Consequences of a Hysterical Witch Hunt, in which mistreatment of his friend Marthijn Uittenbogaard and his partner is also exposed. Both remain incarcerated in Ecuador on trumped-up charges. Court date of March 14 and 15 now confirmed (see updates).

Free A Girl

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Evelien Hölsken

Free A Girl (F.A.G. - a foundation in the Netherlands, with non-profit arms in India and America) is an NGO founded in 2008 by Haarlem-based Evelien Hölsken to combat the sexual exploitation of girls.[1]

F.A.G. is known to circulate questionable literature about "pedophiles" in the form of videos, petitions and press releases. F.A.G. openly advertise their strategic partnership with Operation Underground Railroad, an NGO with alleged links to the Q-Anon Movement, and currently under criminal investigation owing to claims of rampant corruption. Much like their strategic partner, F.A.G. have also made claims about their own activities in the anti-trafficking arena (e.g. "6,000 girls saved", as of 2022) that appear to be unsubstantiated. With annual income of almost 3,000,000 Euros in 2021 (half of which comes from the Dutch Government and National Lottery)[2], F.A.G. has at times hosted celebrity parties with betting games, in order to draw attention to its cause.[3] In 2017, F.A.G. released a PSA in which small girls were dressed in Venetian masks and made to unbox various sex-toys, while giving their reactions.[4] In 2022, F.A.G's founder took to LinkedIn, claiming that her foundation had received a "huge" cryptocurrency donation.[5]

Misinformation about pedophiles

F.A.G. circulate misinformation about various Minor Attracted People, including:

  • Claiming that Nelson Maatman is the founder of the PNVD, an organization that was first formed when he was 11 years old.
  • Claiming that the PNVD was a "continuation" of Vereniging MARTIJN - despite this argument having never been successfully used in the court case against alleged Martijn conspirators. PNVD was later voluntarily shut down, giving the lie to this claim.
  • Claiming that Nelson Maatman's personal/political convictions are of relevance to the UNCRC, in attempting to thwart an asylum application.
  • Claiming without substance in a video that Martijn "shared tips on how to get away with abuse".[6]
  • Claiming in the video, that "multiple members" of the network maintained by Norbert de Jonge and Marthijn Uittenbogaard have been convicted of Child Pornography, without disclosing the multiple and overall size of the network.
  • Using censored screenshots of Free Speech Tube in the video, to imply that the long-running clearnet site contained illicit material.
  • Further, incorrectly identifying said site as being run by the disbanded Martijn "network", despite De Jonge having cut ties with it months previously.

Both Maatman and Marthijn Uittenbogaard are facing charges in Central and South America based upon claims made by F.A.G. and their strategic partner. The claims of blatant criminality, pornography and sex trafficking appear to be far-fetched, given that both were experienced, expatriated political activists who already knew they had a target on their back. Ad van den Berg had promised legal action against Free A Girl upon the release of Maatman, Uittenbogaard and De Jonge who has now served his sentence in The Netherlands (after he was deported from Ecuador - albeit not at the request of his home country). Ad van Den Berg died early in 2023. In February 2023, Het Parool became one of the first mainstream publications to air a dissenting opinion on the shady financial relationship between Free A Girl, the Dutch State/Lottery and the criminally implicated Operation Underground Railroad. Arnon Grunberg stated that these financial ties should be investigated dispassionately.[7]

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