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Ad van den Berg

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Ad van den Berg

Ad van den Berg (b. Rotterdam, 18 March 1944) is a veteran 1st-wave MAP Activist, former treasurer of the PNVD and former leader of MARTIJN. He has since committed to assist with the PNVD, after it was restarted in 2020.

Van den Berg is a minor TV personality in the Netherlands, having taken part in various documentaries and been pursued on film by vigilantes. He caused a stir on 31 May 2006 after he explained to the cameras of NOVA (current affairs program) what his newly founded party stood for, and also described his pedophilia.

According to Tom O'Carroll

"Ad van den Berg, at 78 an old warrior of my own generation, was president of MARTIJN, and active in the group from its earliest days after it was founded in 1982. His formative years, like mine, were in the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s, when freedom was in the air and – definitely like me until recent years – he does not appear to have been very inhibited by the age of consent laws, having been convicted in 1987 for a relationship (which he said was platonic) with an 11-year-old boy, and also a child pornography offence in 2010. It is now alleged that illegal images were also found in this latest raid, and my understanding is that this will not be contested."[1]

Trouble with the law

He has served a sentence for having consensual sex with an 11 year old boy, who was scaremongered into confessing after being indoctrinated with myths about AIDS and homosexuality. In 2006, threats were made by vigilantes at his former holiday address in the municipality of Westvoorne. He has since run into trouble, falling foul of child pornography statutes in 2011.


  • Really weird - Video in which he appears to share a glass of wine and lighthearted banter with a female journalist (Dutch).

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