Marthijn Uittenbogaard

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Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Marthijn Uittenbogaard (b. Leiden, 21 April 1972) is an MAP activist of the first wave, who is still presently active. He is former chairman and cofounder of the Dutch political party - PNVD, and has also long held positions in the now banned Vereniging MARTIJN (including being chair). He gained some fame after he came out as a pedophile (a Boylover[1]), however he is also attracted to adults and has an adult partner. Uittenbogaard, the son of a Farmer, is known for his lack of fear and uncompromising style of activism - preferring to stand his ground according to a firm set of values rather than seek compromise or appeasement.

Uittenbogaard was born into a prosperous Leiden Christian family with four children. His mother was 26 years younger than his father, who was the stricter parent. In 2009, together with co-PNVD founder Norbert de Jonge, he published the book, De rede in het nauw. In addition, he has participated in debates, contributed to the weblog of de Volkskrant, appeared in videos on YouTube, contributed to numerous TV programs, news media columns, and his own wiki. Uittenbogaard was guest editor of the May 6 2021 issue of Propria Cures, a Dutch Magazine well-known for taking a hard line on freedom of expression.


Uittenbogaard's positions have often inspired extreme harassment. Uittenbogaard had to deal with graffiti, demonstrations, vandalism, assault and threats against him. He has regularly received death threats, and windows of his home were smashed with fireworks, on one occasion causing a facial injury. He has installed a camera at his home and mounted polycarbonate sheets on his windows in response to one event involving a 200-strong mob, assembled with the permission of his local Mayor. Both Rabobank and ABN AMRO have refused him a bank account.

Pre-2021 Timeline

  • In 2006, a debate between him and Michiel Smit was canceled because the organizer could not guarantee the safety of participants and visitors.
  • In July 2011, after ongoing abuse, he asked Prime Minister Mark Rutte for protective measures. In his own words, he has asked for camera security several times but has never received it, although he did receive a panic button so he could alert the police if he was under attack.
  • In 2013, he had to be released by the police after he was attacked in Deventer. That same month, the police responded to a demonstration at a flat in Deventer where Uittenbogaard was located.
  • In May, 2020, his friend Norbert de Jonge repelled the attentions of a knife-wielding, maniacal intruder at Uittenbogaard's flat in Hengelo. The intruder escaped, but was later found with a bloody hand and received a small sentence.


2021 Prosecution

In March 2021, Uittenbogaard announced that he, de Jonge, Ad van den Berg and Nelson Maatman were being prosecuted for allegedly participating in a criminal organisation. The evidence offered by the prosecution is spurious, alleging that Twitter comments and the maintenance of an academic website constitute the continuation of an organisation deemed 'criminal' under a highly controversial Dutch law.[2] On 12 March, 2022, a Dutch court sentenced both De Jonge and Uittenbogaard to 4 and 6 month prison sentences for continuing Martijn's political activities.[3] Uittenbogaard was said to have fled to Mexico, along with his partner (Maatman had already fled and started the asylum process).[4]


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