“Sex before eight, or else it’s too late.”

January 12th, 2008 by Strato

The infamous slogan of the title is said to be the motto of the René Guyon Society. Here, I outline an argument (independent of Guyon’s doctrines) that demonstrates its – naturally theoretical – appropriateness in modern society.

The argument needs a background context. It is essentially this: the existing social order is based upon exploitation in every form and at every level. In order to perpetuate the exploitation, the order must control all resources, including humans. It must ensure that every human value, thought, belief, gesture and activity is consonant with the goals of the order. It must ingrain humans with one, key, driving force: every worthwhile activity must produce some ‘good’. Naturally it is the role of the State to direct which human activities are the ‘good’ investments. Sexual activity – desire – has no direct, usable output: it is unproductive, and must therefore be restrained so far as possible, and ideally be directed into something beneficial to the order.

This means one thing: humans must regard the nuclear family as the highest possible value, and sexual activity must be channeled into attaining, and then maintaining, the family. In times of mass societies, in which direct control would be difficult, the nuclear family serves a dual purpose for the State: it allows the individual a controlled environment within which to exercise some power (and thus distracts from the power that he experiences exacted over him), and provides an excellent cell from which the order can be reproduced, generation after generation.

In this cycle of exploitation, the child becomes both what is at stake, and the victim.

Humans are born with an unrestrained, uninhibited capacity for exploration of sexuality and physical pleasure. The indoctrination must therefore commence with denying this sexuality – both linguistically (“don’t touch yourself down there, that’s dirty”), and corporally (“daddy has a penis that he can use to make babies; yours doesn’t work yet”). Having stolen the child’s inherent sexuality, it will be gradually restored, in the form of a tightly-controlled discourse, which will dictate to the psyche all permissible impulses and behaviors, and treat anything else as shameful. The foundation of that discourse will be based upon two fundamentals: procreation as the primary purpose of sex, and parents’ exclusive right of ownership over their children.

The Family will embody these two pillars. Young children must see it as the source, the route and the goal to happiness. Having already learned from their schoolmates (who model their interactions on the family order) that being ‘different’ is the ultimate evil, the child will be terrorized into conformity: since his body is useless and weak, he must merge with the family, or the gang, in order to survive. He must only use his body when it can be invested, but since his body is owned by the family, he cannot yet invest it because he is not old enough to have ownership rights. The proper way to invest it lies in aspiring to the (future) goal of having his own family, once he has become mature, responsible and financially-secure. Until this moment arrives, he is not ready to have sex. Sex is possible before then, but to ‘prematurely’ engage in it would be to risk future happiness and invite the loneliness and misery of becoming the outsider.

In short, the child must be castrated by fear and the threat of exclusion. Properly programmed in this way, the only significant risk to the child’s conditioning would come through exposure to contact outside the family with poorly-programmed peers or adult strangers. The child must therefore be taught to hate or fear all outsiders. In each child who is ‘different’, he must see someone who is ‘sick’; in each unknown adult, he must see someone who is ‘dangerous’.

Hence the pedophile becomes the object of society’s most violent repression (“the worst crime imaginable”) – purely because he violates the foundations of the sexual order (sex as reproduction, and parents as exclusive owners). He is not merely a deviant or a pervert – he is the order’s greatest enemy.

From this, we can see that the child’s inherent sexuality must be allowed to flourish before it can be destroyed and redeployed as a prescribed, medicalized package. ‘Sex at eight’ may well be too late. It is in the infant and the young prepubescent that the majority of the damage is done – denial of sexuality, misappropriation of his body, and instilling the ideal of The Family and the fear of ostracization. Once adolescence has begun, the conditioning is already in place. The ‘rebellious teen’ knows that the family isn’t perfect, that it denies and limits him, but the programming lies silently in the background, urging him that the only solution will be to one day create his own, perfect family. At this stage, even a relaxation of control, minor (pragmatic, appeasing) liberalizations (“masturbation isn’t really bad”) is not too much of a threat to his indoctrination. The mental cruelty, torture, conditioning and sexual castration began much earlier.

To be effective in weakening the self-perpetuating cycle by which the order reproduces, the liberation of a child’s innate capacity for desire and pleasure should therefore begin from infancy.

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  1. Steve Diamond Says:

    Secretly, I always loved this motto…not just because it is so deliciously naughty, pro sexual and anti establishment…but, because it is so dead on correct…

    My hat is off to you, for this post. This is excellent.

    Yes, the key to an open, healthy and joyful sexual life, exists within the early years of life…not the later years.

    The earliest years are where the psychological foundation is formed…On this, everything else must be built. If that foundation is weakened in any areas…such as instilling body and sex shame…the psychological foundation will fail to support any kind of sexual life, which honestly makes the individual happy and fulfilled in a very pure sense. They will have to battle with the stigma and baggage, for the rest of their lives.

    When speaking of the young children, and considering this very issue…I am reminded so much of religion…the christian church, muslims…any sect, which would have the nerve to saddle a child with labels like…”christian child”…”muslim child”…titles which mean nothing in the real world, other than a branding of ownership.

    They learned something important…

    …The child’s clean, unfettered mind…is the most valuable resource, when wishing to propagate any type of social structure.

    It is a critical part of their own structure, to get the child at as young an age as possible, and build their entire understanding of the world around their religion.

    At that point in life, a child does not know any better, than to just accept it all…They will never critically make a decision for themselves, regarding what to accept and what to reject.

    …and it deserves mention, that any experienced, rational mind, never before exposed to religious stories, “miracles”, etc…will typically dismiss them as delusional fantasy…madness, even…

    The key to cutting off the possibility of any rational thought forming, is to instill the mystical stories as some sort of “fact”, long before the individual can even comprehend just how ridiculous it all is…and, having the people who do this indoctrination be the most important, most trusted, most loved people in the child’s life.

    It is one of the most ludicrous of things…I mean, they might as well be telling their children that the tooth fairy, or the easter bunny is real…and they are going to whisk everybody away to a land of utopia…when all their teeth fall out, or they’ve eaten enough hard boiled eggs…

    Ironically, most of the religious will see the ridiculousness in the previous paragraph, and scoff at it…ridicule it even…but they wont see the obvious parallel to their own religion…

    Their mind is no longer their own…It belongs to organized religion now…and it was seized from them, at some moment of personal, psychological weakness, during their life…be that at a young age…during a personal crisis…while they were searching for “the” [non existent] meaning of life [which often is accompanied by a mid-life crisis, and a desperation to make sense of everything, find control, etc]…

    The vulnerable mind, is the prime target.

    …This is why they target children…

  2. Daniel Lièvre Says:

    With all that was said being pretty much the case, one is lead to wonder at what level in “the order” those in authority know of this restrictive model’s application. At the level of family, we are obviously dealing with the controlled, as opposed to the controllers – at least in terms of macro-social-engineering. But to what extent has this system come about as a material formation would, i.e. with the established pattern being the most stable and successful of models? Maybe this could be argued quite easily when referring to intra-cultural competition (the system which allows for most control), and possibly even with historical evidence, it could be established that certain kinds of favourable cultures have outcompeted others, possibly leading to features such as the universality of (some form of) morality.

  3. Strato Says:

    one is lead to wonder at what level in “the order” those in authority know of this restrictive model’s application

    It’s a good question, and does not have an easy answer. There is obviously a minuscule percentage of those in authority (not necessarily politicians) who have some degree of conscious awareness of what needs to be done to maintain the order – particularly those who most benefit. For most, however, including most politicians, I would say there is no conscious awareness. Simply because they do not ‘need to know’ – in fact, the Order would rather they did not!

    ‘The Order’ itself is self-perpetuating, in that it does not need anyone at the helm. It’s sole goal is to sustain itself and to multiply (as with all forms of power). Its quintessential ‘perfection’, in this sense, is that the deception that it perpetuates conceals itself beautifully. The politicians can legislate to support it without an awareness of what they are actually supporting, even to the extent of believing that they are genuinely acting ‘in the public interest’.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one’s point of view), the irony is that this ‘perfection’ of the Order is itself an illusion. The Order is not sustainable and must, inevitably, implode. (Indeed, some argue that it is in the process of doing so now…it is already on its downward curve).

  4. Brandyn Says:

    I seek to unterly destroy you.

  5. Propedoparents Says:

    Tip of the hat to you. Coming from a pair of pro pedo/child sexuality parents. Carry on. Our numbers are growing and we have nothing to fear.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    fuckin sick

  7. mary, mother of two Says:

    I heard about this movement at church Sunday and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We as the body of Christ will make a stand against this perverseness. As an advocte for morality I charge you to consider your ways. Your ways are at enmity against God. Remember the Lord.. His name is Jesus! Leave the children out of your perverseness! If you must defile your own bodies, so be it unto you, but leave the children of this nation out of it.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    @mary, mother of two
    You claim to be the body of Christ and God it self isn’t this arrogance and blasphemy and this standing against us shows no signs of humility but hostility not very Christen is it. As you confessed to us you are an advocate of morality the problem with morality is that it is ever changing what one culture sees acceptable another sees as wrong even in christen cultures laws and moralities are very different you are entitled to your opinion but I ask you this if it was morally expectable to marry a girl at 12 years old would you accept it. And finally what nation are we talking about here I’m not from America the so called land of the free.

  9. Claire Says:

    I fully support the eradication of all age-of-consent laws, because I feel there is nothing wrong with children and adults being sexually intimate together, provided the adult is NOT committing a violent act of rape. As long as sexual activity is consensual, then sexually active children (the younger the better in order to instill a truly liberated mindset) should be the norm. The same applies to both child and adult prostitution, which should be legalized.

  10. What punishment should child molesters receive in an Aryan society? - Page 18 - Stormfront Says:

    [...] Guyon Society and NAMBLA quickly come to mind as the largest adherents to child sex ‘doctrines’. Uncommon Sense

  11. Fix Says:

    @mary, mother of two Mary, dear, you seem to have things a little backward. The example of Jesus was one of tolerance and love, not of oppression and hatred. I belong to a church, also, and I am happy to say that my own church is a hate-free zone. This includes both children and those who love them. Those of alternative sexualities, including child lovers, should be shown love and understanding and compassion, if you take the example of Jesus seriously. Children themselves should be shown love and compassion.

    Personally I think that children are obviously fully human beings, worthy of care and respect. The idea that children are deserving of liberty rights, as well as welfare rights, might be a startling one to you, and the fact that liberty includes the right to ones own body might be unpalatable to you, but when one thinks about it it makes a lot of sense in that children are people just as adults are, with their own lives, their own needs and desires, and their own bodies.

    It is not a parent’s place to dictate to a child what he or she does with his or her own body; it is, rather, a parent’s responsibility to help and to nurture the child. A parent is a child’s _partner_ in that child’s journey through his younger years. -Not a dictator.

    I am a parent; my son turned 16 yesterday. I raised him with his mother until he was 6, and alone from that time (his mother essentially abandoned him). I was always my son’s partner, and he said just a few weeks ago that I “was always [his] best friend”. My son is a moral and a good person. He does not drink, drug, smoke, or have sex. He is kind, a good student, and is respectful of others. He is, in short, what you yourself would call moral. And he was raised in an atmosphere of respect for himself and for others, including for others of alternative sexualities, and for children.

    As an “advocate for morality” you might like to think: who gave you your moral sense? Jesus was an inspirational figure; he was an example of love and of _tolerance_. He did not resolve to fight tooth-and-nail against freedom; he certainly was not an advocate of the oppression of children. Please take a step back and ask yourself who deputized you, who set you above the lord, who gave you the right and the responsibility of watching other people’s morals for them?


  12. Anon Says:

    May the Lord bless you people! U’re so deeply hidden is Sztan’s botomless pit that Jesus is the only one who can save you NOW!

  13. child of one of you Says:

    My father belonged to your “before eight or its too late”. He sexually abused (what you interpret as love) all of his children. All of us have tried committing suicide because of the psychological damage we have endured. I do not believe any of you should be hated, but I do believe you are all deceived. You do not think you are harming any children but you are. You are damaging them emotionally for the rest of their lives! I have constant flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety attacks. I deal with many emotional issues that came from my father “liberated love”. He said what he was doing was “freeing us” but it put us in bondage. Nobody should have to worry about their father molesting them, or “teaching them” about their body and their body’s responses. It is psychologically traumatizing to children and they will never be the same. Please consider how you are violating that child’s boundaries and sense of self and safety and security. Please, let your urges out with other adults, not with any child. If the child really truly desires a sexual encounter with you, wait until their brains have matured enough to understand and have the emotional and mental capacity to process and enough self-confidence to decide for themselves.

  14. Alepam Says:

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  15. Kevin Says:

    I think I understand, in part, where you are coming from. There is a difference though between child sexual abuse and liberated love. It sounds like your father was a child abuser. If he did things that you did not want to happen, which it sounds like he did, then he is an abuser. However, if the acts are mutually consensual, then it is not abuse (as this moral minority sess it). What I believe happens in at least some cases of “abuse” is that originally enjoyable sexual experiences of a child with an adult become reconstructed as “abuse” when the child realizes how horrific society views child-adult sexual interactions. I believe this is a key point. Memory is reconstructive and society literally hates what it considers child abusers. So, when the child learns this, he/she reconstructs earlier, enjoyable interactions as bad, disgusting, awful, at the hands of a monster. See the point? I think it is a critical one. Basically, hedonically good experiences can be re-labelled as morally bad by reinterpretation through society’s moral lens.

  16. Ressurrection Says:

    Honestly, I could barely comprehend the actual article because of the foolishness. None of this resonates with me. Child Sexual Abuse is Child Sexual Abuse and it is not love. Love has no fear, regret or pain associated with it. Likewise, if one is convinced that they are supposed to have sex with children, they may not possess any conscious toward the affects of the abuse later in life.

    children are not able to make decisions for themselves, if so they would not have parents. And, why do man boy lovers always say that the child approaches them? Is that some way of escaping prosecution in case your comment or article is found online?

    Google “Ressurrection Graves Child Sexual Abuse”.

  17. dude dudderson Says:

    if any one is forced it is going to damage them but the fact is if you have a sexual relationship with a pretween girl and let her set the pace and do not force or intimidate her and no one goes omg you’ve been abused everything is fine with that said you can tell a child that a chocolate shake is bad and if you say it enough times they will believe it in other country I’ve met very sexually aggressive preteen girls i enjoyed what happened to me and it made me feel like i was more in tune with my wants and needs i do think if you rape that you should be done away with or if you kill to hide what you’ve done those are monsters and they are not real pedo’s real pedos would rather die then to actually harm a child or use fear its like any other relationship we court sometimes things work out some times not but don’t lump us in with these crazy ass holes who use fear and violence or worse fuck people like that and maybe you all forgot or are in denial but when i was little got horny i just need an adult to explain and i was like enough to have a women who was nurturing and patient who made me feel good about me and explained and asked me if i was comfortable because there was genuine love and respect but people need some one to hate so i know what i said fell on alot of deaf ears but i will also say this i got all my wild sex out of my system i was not all hung up on sex i graduated high school served my country attended college was an ambulance officer and now im involved in renewable resources but i am smitten with a preteen girl if something were to happen great but i wont force it or approach it ii let her set the pace and it ok if nothing ever happens and if it should great but im not going to hurt or kidnap or murder because none those has to do with love or building a relationship weather friends or intimate see i also believe that this has more to do with control or giving the masses some one to hate to unify them under the government kinda how the Nazis did with the jews or the us govt. did with 9/11 so they could go any were and do anything they wanted and get away with it alkyada did it yet we beet the shit out of Iraq it the same just to distract if you really think any politician gives a rats ass about your kid then you your being duped and its funny the tons of lies that are told about pedos if its so bad in and of its self then why do they make shit up theses so called experts don’t know shit the lump us all together it seems to me if you have a strong case you don’t need propaganda if things keep going the way they are there will soon be more sex offenders then so called normal people what is so bad about a child having orgasm so if people really want us gone then we should start a website buy an island and form a corporate country making plasma furnaces our primary employment and that would sustain a corporate country so if you really wanna get rid of send donations and here is proof its all bull shit a three year old boy is on the sex offender reg for peeing in his own yard and a cop happen to see well he now has to register as a sex offender how does a 3 year old registering as a sex offender for peeing in his yard protect any ones family or the other kids who cant consent to sex but can be sex offenders that makes no fucking sense or shit that has nothing to do with sex is a has got little kids registering as sex offender the system cant have there cake and eat it to they ether cant consent which means they cant be sex offenders or the can consent and make there own choices what about this new phenomenon were young girls seek out sex with older men solely to report them and have them locked up girls compete on how many guys they have had locked up that’s a predator sex offender enabled buy this bullshit even the govt cant get it right cause its all bullshit well i said my piece

  18. minerva Says:

    it’s insane and sick, even biologically and phisycally a kid is not built to have sex, it’s rape, and unnatural and painful for the kid, pedofiles are sick, as simple as that

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