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Gays Against Groomers (GAG, f. 2022) is an American/International coalition of assimilationist, antiqueer, detrans, radical-feminist, and predominantly right-wing gay activists who are highly active on social media, particularly Twitter. GAG have courted publicity from the right-wing media, including FOX News (Tucker Carlson) and more fringe-oriented outlets, and have been described as a "media front group".

GAG, a pro-safeguarding charity founded by Jaimee Michell[1] (a feminist lesbian, associated with right-wing media), are best known for making anti-queer, anti-trans arguments by associating queer and trans people with pedophobic tropes such as grooming. Members of GAG have attended numerous rallies to protest "gender-affirming" care for trans youth, but their numbers have been disappointing, reinforcing the hypothesis that they are a media front group. GAG have also attempted to provoke mass-report campaigns against MAPs on, succeeding in sending large amounts of traffic to In November 2022, following their response[2] to the Colorado Club Shooting, GAG were roundly mocked in their own blog comment threads, and forced to disable comment submission, while hiding existing comments.[3][4]

GAG have been accused by the left-wing media of playing a role in various violent acts, being associated with far-right politics, grifting, and of being "anti-LGBTQ" in the outright.[5] Wikipedia (linked below) repeats these accusations and sources them.


GAG's followers on tend to fall into categories such as "MAGA Movement", "Patriot" and "Zionist" (despite their alleged association with the Goyim Defense League). Only after these main categories, come actual LGBTQ people.

Rogue "chapters"

It has become apparent (in online communications sent by the organization) that GAG declares a new "chapter", every time a volunteer expresses their will to manage a social media account.[6] In some instances, "chapters" are represented by no more than blank social media accounts that repeat the messaging of GAG's main account. In some cases where a "chapter" is manned by an actual person, they have been found to be engaging in activity that is not conductive to the long term goals of the organization.

In one instance, a "chapter" account of GAG posted photographs of Rachel Levine alongside a bizarre religious pedophile conspiracy theory, called for the public registration of those who support consent-awareness educators, and made a veiled call to shoot such people.[7] Shortly thereafter, the South Carolina Chapter Leader was removed after it was belatedly exposed that he had been photographed in a "satanic face mask" next to the infamous "Podesta Pool" of Pizzagate conspiracy fame. GAG's North Carolina leader, Brian Talbert, founded Deplorable Pride, and is accused by Media Matters of perpetuating "anti-Islam and misogynistic rhetoric" as well as "assaulting a woman during a pro-Trump rally his group had organized".[5]


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