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Edition 1
Uncommon Sense Magazine:

A quarterly digest of subversive minor-adult sexuality.

Edition 1, 16 Feb, 2009. PDF Version

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This issue

Happy reading - The Editors.


A Symbol for Our Struggle

By Pyro:

A BLogo
Throughout history, social and political movements have always had

symbols and icons which have represented their particular ideologies and values.

For example, Communism's rise is recognized by the hammer and sickle and the colors red and yellow represent the working class which the Communist ideology is centred around.

Another example of visual communication would perhaps be the symbols used by the African American, Black Power movement during the 1960's and 70's. The color black conveying a specific meaning with the clenched and raised fist being a symbol of defiance and power.

Or maybe more relevant to the struggle for the rights of minors and child lovers, the way the Rainbow flag was used to symbolize the diversity and sexual liberation of homosexual rights.

A GLogo
What's consistent amongst all the these examples is that the symbols

were all very simple and clear in communicating their message and because of this they have become symbols, ingrained in society as representing a particular set of values;

The modern childlove movement has its own various equivalents of these symbols...

The BLogo

The Blogo is probably the most recognizable symbol throughout the childlover community, with the large outer triangle symbolizing and adult male loving and caring for the inner triangle, which represents a boy. While being clear in it's message, the problem with this symbol is that it's gendered, representing only the adults and boys in love.

The GLogo

This symbol is based upon the same principles as the BLogo, representing a love for girls, rather than boys.

A CLogo
The CLogo

Designed with the intention of representing Boylovers and Girllovers as Childlovers, rather than as two individual groups as the BLogo and GLogo had previously, the CLogo is a good symbol with good intentions. However, what's lacking in the CLogo is that the modern childlover community needs a symbol which goes one step further to include non-childlovers and anyone who is in support of the individual rights of minors to choose who they want to have intimate relationships with.

We need a symbol which represents our struggle, not just who we are.

For nearly a year, discussions have been on-going inside the Newgon Forums, any thoughts, opinions and constructive criticisms are welcome, we need your help and input in designing a symbol to be used as our flag in this fight.

I am your worst enemy

By Juan Gonzalez Llort:

So who do you see as your worst enemy?

Are they blinded by their own hatred and rage? Do they use their status as a victim to incite sympathy and anger in others? Does this person use technology to entrap, torture and parade perverts before the watery eyes and dripping maws of a public conditioned to mental sickness? Did they "out" a friend with vicious but patent libel. Are they so afraid of their own demons that they will try desperately to beat them away via any means possible? Is your enemy really the extremist who shouts the loudest and offends the greatest number of people? Is your true enemy really this weak?

Or am I a more likely enemy?

You see, I laugh at anyone who fits the above description. I see them as the symptom of the way things are, and not the cause. In fact, I would rather they tame their language in recognition of the divisive nature of their stupidity. Such people have no understanding of the subtleties of persuasion or the necessity of framing oneself as an enlightened progressive.

In US terms, my politics are more blue than red. I work for local and national government. I work for child protection charities and nongovernmental organisations. You might as well say that I work in education or as a child trauma psychiatrist. It really doesn't matter who I work for, as long as my employer keeps the hysterics out and avoids them like the plague. I don't descend into fits of hysteria whenever someone mentions child sexuality. In fact, as an enlightened progressive, I believe in child sexuality, as I believe in homosexuality and any other valid form that is not listed on the DSM. But. I also believe that child and adolescent sexuality is fundamentally different from adult sexuality. The playful, experimental innocence of child sexuality must never be entwined with the goal driven powerlust of an older adult, as we are left with a harmful power imbalance that renders the youngster uttely incapable of consenting. As you may have noticed, I use science to support my opinions. To call child and adolescent molestation depraved or dirty would be to distract from the true objection. Ultimately, a civilised society does not and will never tolerate this behaviour because it is developmentally age-inappropriate for cognitively inferior children and adolescents.

I am the one who influences public opinion and upholds the protection of children because I am able to sound rational and moderate. I even debated head to head with your mentally-disordered brethren some time ago. Criticise me, and you are one of them. But ignore me or deny my existence at your own peril, because I am your true enemy.

State of the movement

There continues to be no substantial or cohesive movement for sex-lib of any kind.

We note that the thought to be dead NAMbLA recently appeared at a very small protest at Coalinga State Hospital. This of course says nothing about the relationship between them and the organisers Reform Sex Offender Laws - which we hope is a good one. Co-operation between these different groups will be one of the keys to building what can be called a credible movement for change. Yet we have a situation of mutual stand-off at the moment. The private workgroups in Europe continue to function well. Ipce is modernising its operation, with improved communications between members. The group will meet this year and discuss a number of issues.

After a number of self-outed adults claiming sexual attraction to children withered from public view, we now have the young Ricardo Hunefeld taking a stand with Martijn in the Netherlands. A frail-looking David Joy was given a lifetime ban from meeting children, after he walked in an alleyway past a school in Loughborough, UK. The British Police don't forget easily, and still seem set on destroying virtually every individual, every relationship and every book implicated in the old PIE, with a number of raids taking place.

We are again, left languishing on the internet. The Martijn and PNVD organisers are seeing more than their share of publicity after Yvonne van Hertum's group began attacking their web server with, one imagines "anti pedophile" robots. Some good projects such as Debate Guide are improving rapidly. Newgon forum is also working on a symbol/flag proposal. Some go-alone enterprises including Love and Liberation have sprung up, but nothing exponential. Sites including the new Puellula have disappeared from view. NAMbLA was offered help with their scruffy and google-delisted website, but have not answered. The core bulletin boards have faced no trouble regarding hosting. They do, however, seem to be troll-ridden, with the administrators of one site - annabelleigh.net - stopping just short of banning any off-board communication between its members. A proposal to form a public liaison group on a board similar to this has fallen quiet.

As far as personal political activism on the web goes, the term "go alone" applies once more. There is one user on Newgon Forum who e-mails universities and various others with information that may lead individuals to critically-analyse their own beliefs. Another person, going by the name Ricrisci, uses YouTube to eloquently denounce just about every manifestation of the anti-pedophile witch-hunt. The frighteningly reactionary Wikipedia might as well be declared a no-go zone for now. Editors are regularly given permanent bans and treated as devious propagandists simply for correcting some of the most blatant victimological point pushing. A number of pro-PJ/LC editors that should have been banned for their earlier behaviour, now have "reputations". We considered offering $250 to anyone who can prove that they disabled Jack-A-Roe's editing privileges using legal and ethical means ;)

News Digest

The last three months of news have been somewhat contrary in nature. We have been seeing new trends such as "sexting", and a great deal of vigilantism and suicide, especially before Christmas. American media continues to approach sex-offender restrictions with a degree of caution. Adverse effects are a growingly popular theme.

Australia, on the other hand, is reaching heights of public hysteria formerly associated with the USA. The scientific (no quotation marks because all faith is lost) association between pedophilia, CSA and fire-starting was given another boost when an Aus. bush-fire suspect was apparently found with child pornography.

From the US - Sexting and SO hell

Sex Offender camp, Julia Tuttle Causeway, Miami
Report Calls Online Threats to Children Overblown
"The Internet may not be such a dangerous place for children after all. A high-profile task force created by 49 state attorneys general to look into the problem of sexual solicitation of children online has concluded that there really is not a significant problem. The Internet Safety Technical Task Force was charged with examining the extent of the threats children face on social networks like MySpace and Facebook, amid widespread fears that older adults were using these popular Web sites to deceive and prey on children. But the report cited research calling such fears a “moral panic,” and concluded that the problem of child-on-child bullying, both online and offline, poses a far more serious challenge than the sexual solicitation of minors by adults."

Judge refuses to reduce 48-year prison sentence

"URBANA – A Champaign County judge refused Friday to reduce the 48-year prison sentence of a former Urbana teacher convicted of child molestation. The lawyer for Jon White, 28, formerly a teacher at Thomas Paine Elementary School in Urbana, argued that Judge Harry Clem relied on incorrect information by a sex offender evaluator about White's risk to reoffend. (...) Clem sentenced White in early April on eight counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse to which White pleaded guilty in February. White admitted that he had eight blindfolded girls, about ages 7 to 9, lick sauces off a banana for his own sexual gratification [emphasis added]. The acts occurred between August 2005 and December 2006 while White was a second-grade teacher in Urbana."

Also, COPA dead in the water.

Sexting & Kidstuff

What's the Matter With Teen Sexting? (Judith Levine), Kids Producing and Distributing their own Child Porn, High Schoolers Accused Of Sending Naked Pictures To Each Other

Anti-SO Fascism

Sex Offender Dies in Cold After Being Denied From Shelter, ACLU Stands Up For Banished Sex Offenders, Residency restrictions for sex offenders popular, but ineffective, Laws to Track Sex Offenders Encouraging Homelessness, Ga. sex offenders must hand over online passwords, Rulings target Internet sex stings, Court strikes down federal sex offender law


Molester warns parents: kids were 'always interested', High Rates of Childhood Sexual Abuse Contributing Factor

From the UK - CP, Networking, Police State

By far the most popular story was the Virgin Killer controversies, in which excessive censorship by the Internet Watch Foundation imposed an effective ban on editing Wikipedia.

Sarah's chance to air seriously wicked views

"A NORTH-East teenager has been chosen to represent the region on a national board which looks at the important issues affecting teenage girls. (...) Among the topics aired were eating disorders, the age of consent to sex - including hopes to lower it to 12 years old - and a need for hard-hitting education on drugs and sex." [That puts them in line with PNVD. Finally, a Sarah's Law we can all support - Ed]

Sexual abuse of children: MEPs want to criminalise "grooming" on the Internet

""Grooming" and paedophile chat rooms on the Internet should be criminalised, sex crimes should be subject to an extraterritorial legislation, the EP says in a report adopted in Strasbourg. MEPs call on the EU to fund prevention programmes from its general budget. By adopting the report with 591 votes in favour, 2 against and 6 abstentions, MEPs call for the criminalisation of "all types of sexual abuse of children" including "grooming." (the action of soliciting children for sexual purposes). Providers of Internet chat rooms and forums where paedophile activities take place should be criminalised."

Vetting blunders label 12,000 innocent people as paedophiles, violent thugs and thieves, Sex offenders aged 5, Brit porn filter censors 13 years of net history, Al-Qaeda using paedophile websites to plan British terror attacks, UK: Proposal to Criminalize Cartoons, Drawings etc[1], Sara Payne MBE

From Australia - CP and Police State

Is the internet going down down under?

"The battle is now on for the soul of the Australian internet. The outcome could have enormous repercussions for the future of the internet in the UK.
Regular readers will be aware of the Australian Government’s plans to clamp down on the internet down under. These, the brainchild of Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, have been bubbling away since last year, and began, as so many half-baked government schemes do, with the plea that someone "think of the children"."

Protests make clean-feed Internet a mess for govt

"Protests erupted across Australian capital cities on Saturday in opposition to the government's $70 million national clean feed Internet scheme, which will impose blanket content filtering for all Web connections. The rallies, organised by members from activist groups including the Electronic Freedom Project and Digital Liberty Coalition (DLC), saw hundreds gather at Sydney's Town Hall, Brisbane Square, Melbourne's State Library, Adelaide Parliament House, Perth's Stirling Gardens and at Tasmania's Parliament Lawns to voice their opposition to the scheme."

Henson law will protect children[2][3], Simpsons cartoon rip-off is child porn - judge, Police defend baby swinging video charge, Council lifts ban on semi-nude children pic

From Canada - More sex tourism

From South Africa - World Cup 2010

Letters to the Editor

Deemed by Brazilian authorities to be pornographic
Any magazine would be incomplete without a selection of letters to the editor. Whatever your point of view, we want to hear from you.

Please send submissions to ncat (a.t) hushmail (d.o.t) com. We will review your submission, but due to a relative lack of interest, we are unlikely to reject them.

The situation in Brazil

Here follows a note left by Brian. He notes recent changes in Brazilian Law. Also pertinent is the Minimodels injustice:

"Brazil has recently created several new child sex offences, which include a law against "storing or obtaining child pornography". Child pornography is legally defined as "any registry of a scene involving a sexual act with a child". A separate section of the Act criminalises "any visual representation" of child pornography. A Brazilian person who is concerned about the implications of paedophile-related hysteria believes that the law may criminalise texts due to the broad definition of child pornography. "Flirting with child in order to commit sexual act" has also become illegal, even if no sexual act takes place. This has been incited by media hysteria over fake child pornography groups which were used to entrap paedophiles on a major social networking website in Brazil"

In 2008, Brazil hosted Ecpat's third congress.

On the forums


Feedback on Healthline's article on pedophilia:

"Recently I came across Healthline's article on pedophilia. I have linked to it down below. I am hoping that as many of you on this board as possible can read that article and lend your feedback on what the article got wrong (there are many things, I think) as a way of presenting our case on pamphlets, to health sites on the Web, etc."

The replies by Dante and jd420 were particularly thorough.


Censorship is happening

[Wolfboi] "They say something along the lines of "...yeah, he's been in trouble before. He used to be a hot-shot pilot for Eastern Airlines, but got canned after an alleged homosexual incident..." Now that's where the scene shifts to a tv announcer talking about some photos of Oswald. That's also where the closed captioning cuts off. However, when they cut it they didn't do a very good job, because you can still faintly hear the assistant finish his original sentence, which ended, "...with a 14 year old boy." So the question becomes, did they edit this particular bit of film because they didn't want to provide any mention of a pedophilic (I know, I know, he's not prepubescent, but you know what I mean and you know they don't make that distinction) nature, or did they delete it at the behest or on the behalf of gay men, because the relationship was characterized as homosexual instead of pedophilic?"
[Hulann] ""Ass like a 10 year old boy" .. well folks now the line is .. "Ass like two duck eggs in a basket" .. what the fuck is that"

Absence of Speedo Boy Models demonstrates American hysteria:

"It's apparent that the USA site doesn't even chance showing a boy actually wearing one of their products which is in contrast to the international sites. However, it's apparent that the international sites practice a bit of airbrushing and touch up on the photos. All of them are vanilla plain with no protrusion of the genitals which is in contrast to actual real boys wearing the suits"

An editorial on KP yielded a few insightful responses...

Enochian nails the abuse agenda once again:
"Back when Nixon commissioned the first government report on porn, it was discovered that pornography actually reduced the incidence of sex crimes, by acting as an alternative sexual outlet.
Now we have all the Abuse Agenda junk scientists desperately trying to assemble evidence to "prove" the opposite, using their usual tools of anecdotes, biased samples and prison populations, as well as substituting the vocabulary of opiate addiction into their accounts of pornography viewing.

I find it amazing that the mainstream press totally loses its critical faculty when parroting verbatim what these people tell them.
You'd think the First Amendment just quietly leaves the room, every time anyone under 18 removes an article of clothing."
Anacreon on when viewing KP was legal:
"Before 1977 KP was legal in the USA. You could see it in news boxes on the streets of big cities. I'm old enough to recall this, so I have seen such porn, although it's been a long, long time. Hence I can confirm your basic thesis. It was obvious from these images that the majority of the kids featured in them enjoyed what they were doing, and in many cases were absolutely loving sex. Not a hundred percent, but the great majority.
"The reason porn has to be suppressed is to conceal the reality that kids are sexual beings and therefore completely capable of enjoying sexual activity. If this fact isn't ruthlessly suppressed with ferocious punishments and incessant lying propaganda, then the truth might out. And we can't have that, can we?"


Alcibiades discusses recent police raids, the life, death and new dawn of our movement in two Fridge Door threads:

"Alcibiades", and...
"Elephants Graveyard (or a War Cemetery)"

Registration is needed to view the topics.

This 3 months in anti-pedophilia

"Make a mark on pedophiles"

Well, this should be news, and at least purports to be, but...

"alleged 48-hour pedophiliac spree"

Nice to see moderation used in journalism.

"I've stopped trying to understand why these sickos do what they do. We will never understand that because we're not freaks."

It appears that this writer was confused from the very beginning.

"That's all good and fine, but little Timmy's not watching Gord and Lynda on the six o'clock news. Little Penny's not reading the Edmonton Sun."

“Early in life I had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper” (George Orwell).

"I'm talking a forehead tattoo, identifying dog collar, orange jumpsuit, cattle brand, a giant neon sign that says, "I'm a convicted pedder-ass"

Says the highly respected Edmonton Sun.

Absolute Zero book-burning

This really doesn’t deserve much attention, but is worth mentioning briefly. Avid readers of the subversive literature should just be aware that there has been a campaign to ban potentially controversial books from "last bastion" online retailer Amazon.com. The last time one of our sources checked, it appeared that the hate group had been successful in de-listing Gayme, but nothing else.

The URL - which we will not bless with PageRank points is absolutezerounited.blogspot.com.

Richard Blumenthal. State-sponsored child-hater? WTF?

Google "Richard Blumenthal" and any number of paed-related keyphrases, and somebody say what's going on?

Links and recommended reading

Negotiating Stigma: Approaches to Intergenerational Sex - a PhD thesis on Ipce:

"Negotiating Stigma: Approaches to Intergenerational Sex deals with the experience of younger parties involved in intergenerational sexual relationships with adults. The study is based upon a set of interviews (nineteen in all) with people who, while they were under sixteen, were voluntarily involved in such relationships. They all described relationships that they regarded as positive experiences. Frank and intriguing verbatim material from the interviews provides the background and the basis for the analysis."
"The thesis examines the way in which these interviewees validated, explained, and understood their activities in the light of a dominant view that prohibits intergenerational sexual contacts and that casts the younger party as necessarily the victim of sexual abuse by an adult. Presenting their relationships as positive and voluntary experiences, these people could not take up positions as victims of sexual abuse. How did they interpret what had happened?"
  • CP Explosion is a wordpress site that debunks popular Child pornography myths. Surprisingly, it has been in existence since 2006.
  • Rare material documenting scans of Paidika and PAN.
  • Day of Reckoning - "This is an attempt to bring a spotlight onto the individuals and their organizations who appear to have made a significant contribution to the creation of the fascist society or police state, which we are now all living under in the Western World."
  • Pamphlets & Promotional Media is a new portal on NewgonWiki, that contains templates for pamphlets, stencils, flyers etc. Most of the material hosted there was developed after discussions on the same site's forum.