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Puellula (f. 2003) was a girllove megasite, built by AP and now archived elsewhere. The now defunct GirlWiki describes it as follows.

Puellula - A Celebration of the Splendor of Little Girls was originally created by [AP] to be a website that concentrated on the cultural and aesthetic aspects of girllove as opposed to the logical and rational approaches taken by many other such websites. Since its inception, however, the site has grown to encompass many other things, including politial activism general information and information about missing girls. As well as exploring girllove, it is intended to provide support and hope for girllovers as well as show the general public that there is much more to girllove than common stereotypes allow.
[AP] launched Puellula in the autumn of 2002, tranforming his original website, Confessions of a Pedophile into something vaguely resembling the site that one now can see. Confessions of a Pedophile was originally launched in April 2002 on a free host but moved to Girllove Garden a couple of weeks later. Puellula remained hosted on the GirlChat server for three years. In October, 2005, however, the site moved to a server collocated at the Dutch ISP XS4ALL, primarily so that it could assimilate Alice Under Skies, a literary website that contains some stories that were not allowable on the GC server.


Puellula is comprised of several different sections, each one addressing different issues pertaining to girllove and childlove. These sections fall into several broad categories.

Information about Pedophilia, Childlove and Girllove

The main section in this category is The Human Face of Pedophilia, [AP]'s primary vehicle for activism. The HFP was launched in August, 2003 and contains several essays on ethics, including an exposition of the four guidelines that it adopted along with CLogo and MARTIJN. It also contains [AP]'s manifesto and a discussion of proposed terminology, amaros and amarso that refers to both the younger and the older partner in an inter-generational relationship.
The Neptune Link Directory is an extensive directory of childlove related links, organised into several topical sections. Graphic Love hosts GLogo, CGLogo and 'Spike' Logo images which can be downloaded and are in the public domain.

Information about Real Girls

The main section in this category is the missing girls' site Taken from our Midst. The site contains profiles of missing girls, a memorial to girls who have been tragically killed and a celebration of girls who have been recovered safely. The site began to come under significant fire from several American television stations in the summer of 2005. The television stations were outraged that a self-proclaimed pedophile would include information about missing children on his website. Ironically, however, none of the parents interviewed on these television programs has ever asked for their daughter's profile to be removed from the site.
Other sections in this category include: Alice Liddell, a brief biographical sketch of the life of the girl who inspired Lewis Carroll to write Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; Anne Frank: Flower in a Crannied Wall, about the life of the adolescent jewish girl was killed in a German concentration camp but left behind a poignant diary; and Kumari: The Living Goddess about the Nepalese tradition of venerating a young girl as the physial embodiment of the goddess Taleju.

Girls in the Arts

This category comprises two sections. Girls in Art contains a collection of famous paintings, sculptures and album art featuring young girls, and reviews of books about young girls. Alice Under Skies features novels, short stories and poetry on the topic of girllove by a wide range of known and unknown writers. Alice Under Skies was incorporated into Puellula in October 2005. At the same time it incorporated the content of the section Thinking of Girls, which was subsequently closed down.
Two other sections, Glimpses of Angels and Mädchen im Dirndl contain candid photographs of girls.

Other Sections

One of the most controversial sections on Puellula is Sugar and Spice, that is specifically aimed at young girls. The site contains information about girllove and discusses what is allowable and not allowable in current society between adults and young girls. It also contains a library of links for young girls on topics such as education and sexuality. [AP] is the personal story of creator [AP] and contains a detailed autobiography. Childhood: A Cultural Study of Sexuality and Violence is a site that was incorporated into Puellula in the spring of 2003 after the original site went down. It is an anthropological study that explores the relation between societal attitudes towards child sexual experimentation and the level of violence in aboriginal and pre-modern Western societies.

Domain Registrar Dispute

In July 2005, Puellula's original domain, was suspended by domain registrar GoDaddy, which claimed that Puellula's content violated its terms of service. The suspension took place after GoDaddy gave written notice to move the domain and stated that if a domain transfer were initiated within twenty-four hours, no suspension would take place. However, when [AP] attempted to transfer the domain to another registrar, GoDaddy denied the transfer request and then suspended the domain. As a result, Puellula was virtually inaccessible for three days, until it registered a new domain. After complaining about GoDaddy's behaviour to Internet oversight body ICANN, GoDaddy restored the original domain and allowed it to be transferred to another registrar. The site is now accessible on both domains.

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