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Template:Debate Guide:Arguments about children and minors

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People under the age of majority can be sexual...

Sexually repressing children and minors does not benefit them...

  • Against: Online dangers - The internet is generally not a dangerous place for minors.
  • Reverse sexualisation - Popular acknowledgement of sexuality in nude photography is revealing.
  • Liberty-empowerment - Empowering young people will benefit them.
  • Turn of events - How the reporting and prosecution of sex can change the perspective of a youth.

Child advocacy is often illogical...

  • Against: The kids do not want it - Legal minors must supposedly "embrace" or "consent to" law reforms.
  • Against: Teen brain - Teen brain speculating (inferiority) is value laden, pseudoscientific propaganda.
  • Against: Corresponding age attraction - Questions the assumption of a unique "childhood" sexual orientation.

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