Debate Guide: Liberty-empowerment

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We will not properly know the extent of a group's capability to self - determine, until we give them the liberty to do so. One recent example is the rise of women from a level of belittlement and social engineering that would have convinced most people (yes, including women) of their 'inferiority'. In a similar way, it is only when you give young people the right to act sexually, free from moral constraints, that they will reveal their innate desire - acting upon it responsibly and as often as they so wish. As with women, this does not only count for sexuality, but for any other dogma or belief that replicates itself in reality, blinding us from seeing the true potential of youth. Sadly, a child of today takes their lack of ability or choice as a given, especially in the presence of their 'owners' - overbearing adults.

For those who wrongly think that repealing the age of consent and enforcing case by case abuse laws would open the door to the imaginary hoards of 'predators', such a programme of emancipation can and will almost certainly be actioned slowly and surely as consensus for its implementation builds. It is important to remember that an age of consent law is unable to prevent genuine "sexual" violence; which would always be criminalised under a system of law, regardless of ts effectiveness. Decriminalising consensual relationships would therefore not lead to a flood of violence.