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Jump to navigation Jump to search (f. Jan 2013) is a MediaWiki-based website catering to MAPs, and archiving historical documents and magazines - particularly from the 1980s and 90s Netherlands. It was therefore named in Edward Brongersma's honor by its creator Marthijn Uittenbogaard. It has no connection with the Brongersma Foundation.


In March 2020, following the raiding of Norbert de Jonge's home (related to "concerns" about the "continuation" of the banned organization Vereniging MARTIJN), admin placed a message on the site urging users to archive the site.[1]

In May 2022, the site was taken over by a friend of Uittenbogaard, the journalist Anton Dautzenberg.[2]

In May 2023, the site was archived and taken over by a Pediverse instance owner, after coming offline. This followed a legal request from Dutch public prosecutors for Dautzenberg to cease his activity as publisher of the now-inactive site, something which the site's host was forced to comply with.