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The Newgon Support Team is a group of volunteer administrators, moderators and associates who fund Newgon, add to its resources and keep it on-line. At this time, the site does not ask for external funding, and does not organize its team strictly into set roles with given responsibilities.


Strategic Lead

The strategic lead makes outward facing decisions concerning site structure, content, position statements and direction of activism. He/she plays a major role in implementing these strategies.

Strategist - Also contact via forum mailer (once operating).

Back-end (private)

None except for webhost. This may change soon.


None of these people are affiliated with Newgon.

Content Providers


Forum Moderators

Steve Diamond - Continuity forum Mod - as the only previous moderator known to be still active.



Daniel Lievre (inactive ex admin/founder who used various names) | Jillium | Pantheadoros | Silence Dogood | DreamBoy71 | Strato

Writers/Content - Non-affiliated

Viamund | Matt | Tyciol | BLueRibbon | PiedPiper | Innormal | Zufolek | CJ Wilmot | PiedPiper | Crake | Jamie | Roman Czyborra | Catherine N.X. | Stephen James | Raven | Reid Bailey | Raza | Boeotia (French language support) | "Anonymous" - a few people use throwaway names for Newgon.